Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have an organized holiday

Someone on a chat board I visit recently asked the four "important" questions, below, about holiday gift wrapping.  Given that today is November 30, I was astounded at the answers she received,  since so many people said they were done shopping and wrapping, had color-coded their gifts and were completely organized for their holidays (whether Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.) -- an entire month in advance.  Here are the aforementioned questions, and below them are my answers.
1.  Have you wrapped your presents yet?
2.  Do you color code your wrapping paper for different people, destinations, etc.?
3.  Do you buy new each year or use the leftovers?
4.  Do your gifts go under the tree?

And herewith my heretical answers:

1.  I wrap as I buy, so I have wrapped two presents.  In cute red paper with a tiny white floral print with a lovely gold satin ribbon.

2.  I never even thought of color coding.  How clever.  (And where were you when I had kids living at home and I needed someone to suggest this amazing idea?)

3.  I buy new wrapping paper and pay top price, because I have to wait for inspiration to move me to "wrapping action."  On the day after Christmas, when others are out grabbing up those fantastic gift paper bargains, I'm home savoring cookies, clementines and coffee.  

4.  No gifts shall appear under the tree.  The cat(s) and dog will occupy that position as long as possible.

Clearly I'm not a candidate for the "Holiday Shopping Person of the Year Award."  I really do admire those who are buttoned-up and prepared in advance; however, I've reached a point in my life where I accept that I'm not one of them.  It's all good.


GardeningJo said...

Your answers made me Lol! My answer to each: "No." I haven't bought anything yet much less thought of wrapping - I use wrap until it runs out (as long as that takes) - Color coding?! Pa-lease! (No offense to anyone who does). And a cat will also occupy the area underneath our tree as much as possible for as long as possible while the others drink water out of the stand!

~Barb~ said...

Amen! I am a total procrastinator so there is the no way I can ever be in the running for christmas shopper or even wrapper of the year. And color coding wrapping? Pfft, I do good to not have it all in gift bags! lol
Peace & Love,

Brandie said...

Your answers cracked me up :) I haven't purchased any presents yet - but when I do - I DO color coordinate them - but I use wrapping paper I've had from the previous year unless I've run out and need to go get more (which I haven't even looked yet!). I put the presents under the tree because I think it looks so nice...and my pets don't bother them (usually). My problem is procrastination! I won't probably do anything until the weekend before Christmas! lol.

dragyonfly said...

Well, I do color coordinate mine but thats because I wrap every present with virtually the same paper......LOL...and wrapping is a relative term. I usually start out good and foldy and perfectly proportioned, but toward the end of a 2 hour wrapping session, Im slapping-tape-on-just-to-hold-it together-till-I-can-patch-up-the hole-because-I-cut-the-paper-too- short-but-oh-well-who-cares. "Nobody looks at wrapping paper jobs around here," Is how I justify the appearance of my poopy papering job...Also, I am a big grinch, but still participate out of some deep irrational guilt that my spoiled rotten kids don't have enought crap.
End of Chrissmus Rant. (Sorry to spoil your wrapping paper party.) LOL

Edumentor said...

haha...good and foldy and poopy papering. Yes, this sounds like me. And I've been known to patch with paper that doesn't match at all. It's a sad sight. But somehow, they still open my presents. Not sure if I mentioned I have bribed my daughter with $$$ to wrap my gifts for me. Capitalism at its finest. :-)))

dragyonfly said...

If I could bribe mine, I would, but I usally end up "wrapping" theirs too....and I use that term lightly..
My husband is the one who really cheeses me off.....he completes his shopping in one afternoon (cuz he only buys stuff for me) and either gets it wrapped at the counter, or sweet talks one of our kids to do it for him...Christmas is easy squeezy for him. Grrrrrrr!!