Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Artsy Stuff

Alrighty, some of you know my wordy side, some of you know my artsy side, a few of you know my professional side, and please -- no jokes about my back side.  These are a few art journaling responses I've done recently.  The topic for the journal poem below is Pets. If you visit my blog regularly, you've already seen the nose (how could you MISS it)...but the poem is new.

I belong to a group called Blissfully Art Journaling. They have a new prompt each day, usually a single word or idea paired with a quote for inspiration. It's fun, and I often come up with something visual to go along with the quote and word.
The prompt below was about shame.

In the response below, we were asked to create a work of art in the style of one of our favorite artists. After I got over the itchy feeling of being an incredibly presumptuous imposter, I really did enjoy pretending I was Joan Miro, standing in Central Park and painting the picture of an artist.
And finally, I started a group on ning to explore the book Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. This is my response to her Chapter 2 discussion, "Facing Your Fears."


City.Girl.Em said...

Wow...girlie...looks like you've been busy making art! I'm happy for you and your pages are simply wonderful.

I'm thinking about my Chapter 2 page from Kelly's book...maybe I'll get to it this weekend.

Great job!

Lizzi said...

I love your artsy stuff! Everything you do is so inspiring!

Thauna said...

Wow that last one really HITS me! Similar thoughts are what pushed me to make certain decisions this past week. I love your art! You are inspiring me.

paperqueen said...

Huh! If you're afraid of taking risks, then I'm the Empress of China! GF, in the time I've known you you have taken many, and I've heard about some from before we met. Ok, so you're not crazy about the subway, but other than that, you seem pretty fearless to me.
Oh, btw, I love your art, especially the Miro inspired piece. He's one of my faves, and you did him justice.

Stepper the Mighty said...

the "what are you afraid of" one is my favorite.

GardeningJo said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. Very inspiring. How do you find the time for all you do?!

morningDove said...

i love this piece, torn paper background? great texture.

Just Tera said...

You are so incredibly talented. I want to just sit next to you in hopes that some of it rubs off on me.