Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will you be my valentine?

Every year on Valentine's Day I imagine a quintessential couple sitting in a quiet corner of an elegant yet cozy restaurant, sipping champagne with strawberries, eating foie gras, a piano quietly tinkling in the background. She in her basic black sheath and simple gold or pearl necklace and he debonair in his cashmere sweater and slacks, both are having what appears (to the casual outsider) to be a fascinating conversation punctuated by clever repartee and playful banter. I suppose there may be more to this Valentine's evening after they leave the restaurant, but this is as far as my imagination needs to go for the romance to be complete.  Nothing big going on here - no grand gestures, no jetting off to Europe or whisking out a diamond bracelet from the breast pocket -- yet the perfect romantic moment.

It's hard to get this combination just right on February 14th.  Romance is just so darned hard to "arrange" to begin with, and on this holiday the restaurants are oh-so-crowded.    You get to the restaurant and find out they gave away your reservation five minutes before. The tinkling piano turns into a honky tonk Joplin rag. They run out of foie gras just before you give your order.  

So this year, I propose that we each plan for ourselves the ultimate romantic evening at home-whether on the 14th or some day close to it. Whether it is with a partner, or with a friend, with our pets, or with a bowl of popcorn, I've found one way to have the PERFECT date. In fact, (thanks to Better Homes and Gardens online) I found 29 of them. Allow me to be your Valentine's Day date planner...choose a movie to order from netflix, blockbuster or to take out from your stash, add the wine or beer or soda or mineral water, maybe some pizza or chinese food or a delightful wheel of brie wrapped in pillsbury croissant dough and baked lightly.  And plan a Valentine's Day you are sure to enjoy!  Oh and please, let me know what you would suggest for number 30.  

1-When Harry Met Sally 1989
2-Pride and Prejudice 2005
3-Pretty Woman 1990
4-While you Were Sleeping 1995
5-Sleepless in Seattle 1993
6-An Officer and a Gentleman, 1982
7-The Notebook 2004
8-Bridget Jones’s Diary 2001
9-Bull Durham, 1988
10-Casablanca 1942
11-The Sound of Music 1965
12-Shakespeare in Love 1998
13-Sense and Sensibility 1995
14-Overboard 1987
15-Dirty Dancing 1987
16-Say Anything 1989
17-Rebecca 1940
18-Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961
19-Ghost 1990
20-Love Actually 2003
21-Notting Hill 1999
22-Moonstruck 1987
23-Somewhere in Time 1980
24-Emma 1996
25-Room with a View 1985
26-The Fabulous Baker Boys 1989
27-Love Story 1970
28-Dr. Zhivago 1965
29-Always 1989
30-What's your favorite romance movie?

**  I have to add a p.s. here--Annie Hall!!  Take a look at this video movie review if you aren't already sold: 


paperqueen said...

Hi Teri! Great post! Well, it is not technically a romance movie (it's a cop flick, and a great one at that), but The Big Easy is one of my faves. The romance of the New Orleans setting, and the WOW chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin has always taken my breath away.

Brandie said...

Great post, Teri! Romance is really hard, and I can never think of something great to do on Valentine's Day. I agree that staying home is a good idea, and personally, my favorite romantic movie is The Notebook. Unfortunately I don't think I can talk the hubby into watching it with me. But just being at home snuggling (even if we're watching the Outdoor Channel) will be enough romance for me :)

teri said...

Ah, The Big Easy -- that is one I haven't seen. Okay, penciling that in to my personal list now.

Brandie~I hear you. Not sure mine would watch many of these with me either, unless he also had his laptop and a video game as a backup. He does like Always, but I think that's because Steven Spielberg directed.

GardeningJo said...

Sounds like we had our Valentines this past Saturday evening! I'd been at Kohls & Target doing errands for next week and Hubby went hunting. I got home, started watching You've Got Mail. He came home & watched the end with me. We ordered pizza and Sleepless in Seattle came on so we watched that in the living room, ate pizza & had a great time! (We were making up different call names like Sleepless in Seattle - Crazy in California, Pissed in Pennsylvania, Numb in NY, etc & laughing).

This Valentines Day will be spent at our Nephew's wedding (sorry, gag me) down in TX, Hubby's the best man. The best part of the day is seeing Hubby in a tux - hopefully we we're late to the reception afterwards, if we make it at all! ;)

GardeningJo said...

Oh and I think #30 on your list should be The Holiday with Jack Black, Cameron DIaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

teri said...

Omg i'm cracking up. Numb in New york?? I'm going to have to think up something better than that...

Nearsighted? Noisy? How about nuts?

Thauna said...

Great post...I need to find a romance movie that does make me feel like sad for being alone without a sweetie about High Fidelity. It makes me laugh, is one of my favorites AND has a happy romantic ending.

Brenda said...

Terrific idea! I was actually thinking of the same thing. One year, I made a great little dinner with the help of the kids, put candles and the good china on the table, sent the kids to my room to watch tv, and romantic music on.

The kids loved it too. Even my son was into the big surprise for daddy when he came home from work.

My favorite all time romance movie is Love Letters with Jennifer Jones. The screenplay is written by Ayn Rand, the author of the Fountainhead. It is just a romantic movie about a woman gone blind who falls in love with a solider who writes her letters, and then ....

It's an old movie, but they have it on VHS. I have a copy and I would love to figure out how to burn it to DVD.

My other second pick would be Autumn Leaves with Joan Crawford. My mom and I use to watch it as a kid, and since I miss her so much I might watch it this Valentine's Day to feel close to her

Because after all LOVE has to be celebrated in all of its forms.

KathrynAntyr said...

I love your movie list. I think I've seen all of those at least a hundred times. Well, perhaps not a hundred. I watched, "Mermaid" with Cher in it last night and the previous night it was, "Nights in Rodanthe." Another one that I love more for the setting is "Under the Tuscan Sun."

Happy Valentine's Day.
{soul hugs}

Citygirl-Em said...

I really enjoyed Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton...that was fun for older women! Also, how about Pretty Woman and my new favorite, The Sex and the City Movie...that's a good one to watch alone!


Linda said...

We did exactly that for Valentines day....except we watched a horror flick with Kiefer Sutherland. haha Not exactly a romantic movie but my husband wouldn't sit still for a chick flick even on Valentine's day and I adore Kiefer.

I have another romantic movie for you, "PS I love you". It's just wonderful.