Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Automakers, quotes and

I'm not a very political person but I follow the news the way one follows all spectator sports -- with  curiosity and some cursory knowledge of the game.  I know enough to carry on a conversation about it, but I'd never be able to join in myself.  My favorite part is when someone in the game is inspired to say something particularly witty or insightful to sum up the situation.  Ah, I think, A philosopher.  Someone who can see the big picture and give us the metaphor to sum it up.  

My favorite from today's news is authored by a Michigan democrat, Senator Carl Levin, responding to president Obama's ultimatum to Chrysler and G.M. to make changes or face bankruptcy (a plan that seems excellent).   

“They hopefully will see that they have a pretty stark choice in terms of working something out.  Their option is either to take a haircut or a bath.”

I don't see how sending a bald guy for a haircut can do much for him, but time will tell.  In this case, 30-60 days.


dragyonfly said...

You know, I really like your analogy of how you view politics as a spectator sport. That is exactly how I feel, too...
And I have noticed when 2 or more Obama haters get together, they have to start in with their dogging out, but it is always preceded by "but watch out because Deb loves Obama." Then they proceed to whine about how scared they are about all the changes, and "why should their kids have to volunteer to qualify for some college money" and wah wah wah. I turned around and told them this weekend, it wouldn't hurt your brats to volunteer. LOL.

Thauna said...

I follow all the political news in the same manner...spectator sport. Sometimes I wish I understood more about politics and economic issues, but it all seems like such doom and gloom and I live to live my life on the joyful side.