Friday, March 27, 2009

Honest Scrap

If you decide to do this one, email me so I can come read it or make a comment with your blog address so we can view your honest scrap.. I had lots of fun with it. And thanks to Brandie, who I'm starting to think is the originator of all my best "ideas."

"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or 2. Firstly you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly you have to tag 10 people with the award."

I'm tagging everyone who reads this.

1. Some of you know, but many don’t, that I’m a recovered anorexic. From ages 18-23 and long before that word was on anyone's radar, I was sporting baggy clothes and refusing to eat more than leaves of lettuce and lowfat yogurt. It started out after I gained a few pounds in college and felt embarrassed when someone commented on it. I went on a “sensible” diet to shed the pounds and loved the newfound sense of control I had when the weight started rolling off -- loved that control so much that I couldn’t seem to stop going with the dieting. In order to be “perfectly thin” I had to exorcise (and exercise) every ounce of fat from my body. I’ve never been terribly religious, but the only way I was able to recover was to ask God, out loud, for help. I was without any other means to solve my problem. He came through for me that day and always has since.

2. I don’t like sushi and I haven’t even tried it. And I hate that I’m so closed-minded about that, but I can’t get past it.

3. I’m afraid of big, muscular men and I’ve never dated one. Seriously scary. I hope none of them are reading my blog. And if you are, I apologize in advance. Nothing personal, but you are a scary guy.

4. Like my daughter Allison, I sometimes feel sorry for inanimate things, like coffee cups for example. I try to rotate the coffee cups in my closet so they all get used equally.

6. I graduated high school after my junior year. I was 16 when I started college so my parents wouldn’t let me live away. I went to a college that was 45 minutes from home. My mom had to drive me to school for the first month until I turned 17 and got my driver’s license.

5. I hate competitions because I always feel bad for the losers – even if I wanted the winning team to win.

7. I worked on the set of the movie War of the Worlds. The main characters have a stunt double and also a lighting double, so there are occasionally 3 of the same person walking around on set at the same time. The lighting double stands there dressed in the same outfit the main character will wear (same hair coloring and height) while they set up the scene and get everything just right, and at the last minute they bring in the talent person. I’m sure you know what a stunt double does! Some well known actors have their own barristas on the set who also make coffees for everyone else. That’s a treat, because the coffee at kraft services (the people who provide the food for everyone who works on the movie) is gross. Also, food is often served in a hierarchy, like castes – first the people in the union eat, and then the non-union extras get what's left. It's a little odd since we don't have a formal caste system in our country for many things (except getting on airplanes!).

8. Before I was a teacher, I worked as an administrative assistant and copywriter at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in Manhattan. I wrote some advertising copy for Great Adventure and Burger King in the 80's.

9. My first job (age 14) was to ride horses every morning on a beach in Wildwood. People kept their horses at a stable at the end of the beach and couldn't always ride them - so someone had to, and I was that someone. I once tried riding bareback in shorts and learned it isn’t very romantic – horse sweat and inner thighs is gross. It was an idyllic summer -- morning horse runs, afternoons at the beach and nights at the boardwalk. It was the first summer I thought I was in love (but not the last).

10. I am a compulsive closet organizer, and yet my closet constantly seems disorganized. I don’t understand this, yet I continue my attempts towards organizing because if I stop -- it will be SERIOUSLY disorganized. (Whatever that means.)


Brandie said...

Thanks for doing this, Teri. I love getting to know you better!

I hate sushi, too...and I've never had it. Just the thought of it makes me ill.

You have done some really interesting things in life!

Holli said...

I'm going to agree with numbers 1-3 on your list Teri! I too was anorexic (from 18-20), I don't even at all want to think about sushi being something you eat, and I too feel sorry for inanimate objects. It started with silverware and moved on to plates and glasses.....I've never heard of anyone else thinking this!! :)

paperqueen said...

I applaud your honesty. I'm not sure how much of my inner being I want to put out there, but I'm full of admiration for you.
I never thought much about feeling sorry for inanimate objects, but I absolutely do rotate dishes and cutlery. I live alone, and if I didn't rotate, I'd be using the same plate, fork, spoon etc. meal after meal, and that just seems wrong.
I've had the opposite problem of anorexia. Same coin, different side. Also about control. When you can't control your environment you can at least control your body. With some disastrous results.
Also a compulsive organizer and never feel organized.
Can eat sushi but never want to.
Too afraid of heights to get on a horse.
Wait! Here I am, after my initial protests, revealing a whole lot. suckered me in!

Thauna said...

Love getting to know you better, Teri. As soon as I'm caught up on my blog visiting I'm going to attempt this. Your life sounds so exotic to me...this small-town girl.

Lizzi said...

Real sushi (not California rolls) is too questionable for my taste buds too! Your scrap is so interesting Teri.

Brenda said...

Sushi...well, when I first heard what it was, I thought oh my god, Yuk! But, I actually like it immensely, although since it has become popular the stuff you buy isn't really sushi anymore.! Thanks for sharing that. Sadly, our body issues will continue to control us. Hopefully, we look at in a sensible way.

I feel sorry for the losers too. I always like at the other team's faces and feel like crying with them.
I guess we are just sensitive.

That was very interesting bout the movie caste. I am not surprised though once you think about it.

Teri, I always enjoy learning more about you, and I am so grateful you overcame your weight issue.

Brandie needs to get thinking and find a new thing for us all to do! She has great ideas.

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing Teri! Awesome to get to know you better. I have to work on my 'Honest Scrap'!! :)