Saturday, April 18, 2009

flip flops

Are you wearing any band aids on your feet yet?

And if not, does this mean you didn't get this year's new crop of flip flops yet? Still getting some leverage out of last year's sandals? Or do you live in Alaska?

Every year at just about this time, I start out with the highest hopes and my new pair of Born sandals -- and every year at about this time plus 12 hours, my feet are plastered with bandaids, applied strategically at various angles that roughly correspond to the places where the sandpaper-like stitching on my sandals meets the tissue-paper skin of my feet. Today I found myself stuffing facial tissues into my sandals as buffers against the pain. Where agonizing foot pain is concerned, fashion is no contest. I'll go around with rolls of Charmin on my feet if that will help alleviate the pain.

Last week I tried on my summer clothes from last year and found out that every pair of cotton pants I own seem to have shrunk over the winter, so now I have to go on a diet to fit into them. That was bad enough, but now I'm into the serious torture of the sandal break-in period. And I don't think I need to tell you what this means, because it is all quickly leading up to the inevitable and unavoidable high point of the season: swimsuits.

My bandaided feet are starting to look better all the time.


Brandie said...

I was so excited Friday for the nice weather that I wore a pair of open-toed shoes that I know kill my feet, and I was kicking myself about it by the end of the day. And I'm very afraid of getting my capris out, because I'm pretty sure none will fit.

Holli said...

I looked at my bathing suit yesterday in my drawer and thought "let's see what ya look like...". Ummm, yeah. Scary! My white skin, my bloated belly and flabby arms, soooo not summer ready!! it went right back in the drawer.

Kalanna said...

No flipflops here yet. Ontario is so cold. Even when warm. And I'm a wimp!

Jo said...

I have a great tip for this! Take an emery board/nail file and use its' rough side on the harsh areas inside your shoe/sandal. This does wonders and has saved me oodles in bandaids. I was in a t-shirt, carpi's and flip flops all day yesterday and loved every minute of it. Even got a slight tint of pink on the skin. (We were up in the Kittatinny Mountains).

Any suggestions for a really good dry skin lotion/cream for my footies? This winter has been tough on their skin.

I've been wearing a pair of flip flops around the house which I bought down in TX in Feb and loved being able to wear them outside the house!

Cyn said...

I've been wearing last years flip flops because this years hurt my feet! I don't even want to try to break them in.
And bathing suits, we're not even gonna go there!

Thauna said...

Today is my first day in last-year's sandals. My toes are painted and looking pretty cute. I hope these will make it through the summer (they are dress/work sandals) so I don't have to endure a break-in period.