Saturday, May 30, 2009

Soul Journaling

I belong to a wonderful art journaling group led by Sarah Whitmire called Soul Journaling.  It's the group that started me on my journey in art journaling, and after giving us an initial series of 12 challenges over the summer of 2008, she also offered an Advanced Soul Journaling Techniques class  where we learned about working with altered photographs and making layered "peek through"windows, distress techniques with tags and gilded collage.  

Sarah has recently returned to offer more art challenges to her avid followers (of which I am one) and had a give-away of one of her treasured art pieces for one of the lucky people who posted their work on the Soul Journaling site.  While I wasn't lucky enough to receive that,  Sarah surprised us with a Random Act of Kindness by sending a gift to anyone who had commented on someone else's posted artwork.  I received my gift envelope today and I have to say that the envelope was decorated so sweetly that it could have been empty and still would have been a gift.  (See pictures above.)  Just looking at that envelope gave me a little glimpse into Sarah's world and how artful her life must be -- and I'll admit I was just a little bit envious!  If you look at the second picture you will see that even the packing tape she uses is decorated.  Now how can that be?  

Inside was a plastic envelope stuffed with all sorts of papers and ephemera.  I have NO idea where Sarah gets all these things from, but I took some pictures so you could get a glimpse of some of the things she sent.  My buddy Roan, who so often appears in my pictures, is at it again. Its' almost impossible to keep him out of the fun -- at one year old he still acts like a very big baby!

Thank you Sarah, for being so thoughtful and sweet.  Even the doormen and the concierge in my mid-Manhattan building were commenting on how much they loved your envelope -- and it takes a lot to impress people in New York!  xoxo


Arlene said...

I just got my set of ephemera from Sarah today too! What a great gift!! I just had so much fun looking through all her great stuff and can't wait to find special places for all of it! Good idea to blog about - I think I will do that too!

Looking forward to seeing what you make with all those precious gems!

Holli said...

Love seeing Roan! Oh yeah and your soul journaling too.... ;)

Mandy said...

I would love more information on this soul journaling group. It sounds wonderful. I an part of an amazing group of women called Journal Mavens. It is so much more than just journaling and it sounds like your group is just like mine.

Love and Light,

Heather M. said...

Thanks for sharing. I Googled Soul Journaling out of curiosity and now I'm thinking about giving it a go. My mom gave me a handmade journal several years ago that I haven't touched as I knew it was meant for something special. Soul Journaling seems like that something special.

Jo said...

Mail surprises are wonderful!

City.Girl.Em said...

lucky you, Teri! I'm happy for you. I also love Roan. He's beautiful!

Is he much of a chatterbox? I hear siamese are 'talkative'.