Thursday, July 16, 2009

Listen, do wa do

I had such a nice day yesterday. First, I had lunch with my friend Eileen at Asiate, the restaurant way up on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. What an incredible view on a lovely, cloudless day. Eileen tells the absolute best stories, and we ran out of lunch long before we ran out of conversation. Since it's restaurant week here in Manhattan, we got something of a deal on lunch. ($57 for a one-drink, one-capp, 3-course lunch isn't all that much of a deal, but still good.)

On my way home I remembered that, since I'm in Week One of The Artist's Way in my On The Wing group, I needed to take myself for an "artist's date," so I went from Columbus Circle on 59th Street to Lee's Art Shop on 57th and bought a pack of Souffle 3-D pens that I have been wanting for my art journaling. "We" (my inner artist and I) browsed for a while and had fun looking at all the new things in the paint and paper sections.

Back outside and on my way home, from 57th and going downtown, I heard and then saw a crowd in front of the Letterman studio (which I think is around 53rd). Sensing tourists gone wild, I immediately tried to think of another way home, but unless I wanted to walk several blocks out of my way I was out of luck, since Dave's studio was directly between where I stood and my apartment. So I did the next best thing and made a beeline straight towards (and thus through) the crowd. I noticed cameras on cranes and people leaning out of windows, and as I got closer I saw a band out there, on top of the marquee actually (which seemed a little ridiculous) that sounded a lot like the Beatles. I thought maybe they were auditioning for a movie or something. Every now and then a big cheer went up and, I had to agree, the guy sounded pretty good (if it was just one guy). I'd hire him. I listened for a minute or two and then my phone started ringing and I had to go. I ducked through the crowd, down to 7th Avenue and over in order to make my way home. And didn't think about it again, until last night, when I was watching tv and I noticed Dave Letterman had dedicated last night's show to a single guest: Paul McCartney.

I was 7 years old when the Beatles came to New York. The first movie I saw in a theater was Help. I clearly remember sitting in a movie theater and jumping up and down in the seat because everyone else was. I would have given some part of my still-developing anatomy at that time to catch a glimpse of a Beatle and now, 46 years later, I worked my way around the crowd while he was performing so I could get home.

I've been trying to become a "real" New Yorker - no longer a Jersey Girl. I even bought Frommer's guide to New York so I could "immerse myself" in this town. (Yes Melissa, yes I did.) And so after this episode I had to ask -- am I a real New Yorker yet?

My dear friend Eileen, ever honest, says "Sorry, no. If you were a real New Yorker this would have bored you."

It was a fun day anyway, you know...not withstanding that boring traffic tie-up around the Letterman theater. Maybe a little more of an "artist's date" kind of day than I expected, but fun...


paperqueen said...

Well, since you mentioned that the traffic was 'boring' maybe you are closer to being a real New Yorker. Just messing with you, Teri. You're very New York. Almost there, girl, almost there. :)
PS It was a great day, wasn't it?

Holli said...

Wow! I'm impressed (as usual) at your glamorous life!! Its still good even if you didn't actually watch him, you wdere in the vicinity.

Lit and Life said...

$57 is a good deal on lunch? I think you must be a New Yorker! I get annoyed if my lunch costs over $20!

Heather M. said...

Aww, Teri, I love reading your blog. The highlight of my day was getting my next Netflix movie in the mail. Doesn't really seem to compare to a mob of people trying to get a glimpse of Paul McCartney.

Jo said...

The Artist's Way is such a fantastic book! I never fail to get something out of it no matter how many times I've read it. (And I can't begin to count how many times that's been over the last decade or so!)

Beverley Baird said...

We watched the news about Paul's return to NY to sing. What a change in all of us since the first time the Beatles sang in the US! I remeber that Ed Sullivan show! (dates me for sure!)
Great to be able to indulge ourselves.
Take care
See you "On the Wing"

freebird said...

That's too much money for dinner for me. I only pay this much if I take my daughter and her kids out to lunch.

Wow. Missed Paul McCartney by so little. I bet you have a camera on your phone and could have had your own pic of him.

I suggest you never become a New Yorker. To lose the wonder of a big city that others never even experience isn't something you want. What you want is to turn that wonder into art!

Mandy said...

No matter where you live and how hard you try to shake the "Jersey Girl" will always be a part of you. ;D

Aimeslee said...

Were you in the original Beatles fan club that received special records at Chrsitmas time? I was. And I still woulda walked past Paul. These rockers stay in the game way too long.

Frankly, I am still reeling over the cost of your lunch. That's be dinner with drinks and desert down here in Texas! Wow!

Brenda said...

Oh gosh, I remember when the big argument of the day was who the cutest Beatle was? John or Paul or George? I don't think Ringo ever made it to the finals.

For me, it was always Paul. I do lose it though when he went through his recent trials with the 2nd wife.

Always admired that he was able to keep his life with Linda and the kids mostly out of the spotlight.

I never liked John that much, but in the last few years, I have learned to appreciate him in a different way.

Thank God, Paul wasn't dead all those many years ago.

Sydney said...

I'm a huge Letterman fan... and I missed the Paul McCartney performance.