Tuesday, September 8, 2009

30 Days of Creating September 8-Jewelry

I went to a class the other night given by my friend Eileen (my creative guru friend) and Heidi (our Stampin Up team leader) and made these incredible pendants. Aren't they swell? Yes, I love to say swell, so be quiet. Some of them are made from findings from the Tim Holtz collection. I know Eileen is a fan of Tim's site. I'm not sure if they are all from there, though. Anyway, I had a lot of fun making them. I wanted a butterfly in the pendant top left for my On The Wing site, so Heidi was a dear and went on a search mission through her endless supply of scrapping paper and found a piece with all sorts and shapes of butterflies to choose from. I love the mystery of the lady top right only showing her right eye, and the woman on the lower left has a crackle finish on that piece -- made it interesting, I thought. The piece on the bottom right can be a pin or can have a ribbon or chain strung through to be a pendant. They were all SO fun and easy to make that I want to learn more.


ellie said...

Hey, not only are these pendants swell, Teri...they are the cat's pajamas, too! *giggle*

Actually, the butterfly one is my favorite...I love the way it looks like a little house!

And....I'm jealous that you got to play with creative friends and make stuff today! LOL Gosh, I need a good workshop soon...making art surrounded by friends just pumps up the creative volume if you ask me.

Lisa said...

Good golly, you just keep coming up with new things that make me so jealous of your creativity.

paperqueen said...

Wow! Your pieces really photograph well, LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You did a great job, and as always, I loved having the chance to "play" with you. Looking forward to creating with you again,

Sarah said...

Teri, those are great! The butterfly one is so pretty!!

Thauna said...

These are really beautiful, I love them all. But the butterfly is my favorite. That sounds like such a fun time.