Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digital Collage for 30-Day Creative and About Me

My pal Brandie at Live, Laugh, Love tagged me on this and now I'm tagging you. Go with it if you like. Oh, and I'm including a digital collage I made tonight for our 30-day creative. Fun!

Available or married? Married

Best Friend? Oh how tres elementary school! My best friend in elementary school was Ellen Hess, and she is my dear friend still.

Cake or Pie? The chocolate cake with nuts my mama made. Absolutely.

Drink of choice? Skyy vodka with tonic and a big squeeze of lime. Caribou or Nantucket coffee from my Keurig-cup pot.

Essential item for every day use? My MacBook Air and cellphone. I’m addicted, and I blame Lou.

Favorite colors? Lavender, blue and green.

Do you Google? Absolutely. And I Google translate. Often.

Hometown? Oh I don’t know anymore. Somewhere between New Jersey and New York. I suppose that would be the Hudson River.

Indulgences? Clothing, art supplies and books, in that order.

January or February? February, without a doubt.

Kids and their names? The first absolute loves of my life, Ben and Allison.

Life is incomplete without...? family, friends, and laughter

Marriage date? June 28, 2004

Number of siblings? Four, and I’m the baby.

Oranges or apples? Clementine oranges.

Phobias and fears? heights. brrrr.

Quote for the day? Elie’s words: “If God had a refrigerator, I’d be giving Him my drawings to hang on the front of it all the time.”

Reason to smile? Pets and children do it every time.

Season? Fall. woodsmoke and crisp leaves, frost and apples pies.

Tag 3 people to complete this on their blogs? Anyone who wants to play.

Unknown fact about me? I don't know the story of Alice in Wonderland (are you absolutely shocked?)

Vegetable you hate? I can't think of any.

Worst habit? Would anyone honestly tell their worst habit publicly? Let's see...I'm too generous with my friends. LOL. There ya go.

X-Rays you've had? Neck, skull, teeth, jaw, foot, back (I was thrown from a horse)

Your fave food? pasta

Zodiac sign? Libra – I’m either terribly well-balanced or so neurotic I can’t make up my mind. Your choice


Lisa said...

These are so fun to read!

Brenda said...

I don't believe you about the Alice in Wonderland story. Come on now. You have a vague idea about it.
LOL! I never read it, but I know Alice fell down the hole, the Mad hatter, etc., but I don't know the outcome of the hidden meanings under it. Never could get turned on by Lewis Carroll.
Maybe we should read it as a group read, and see what we are missing.

My best friend is one I have known since I was 15. She has been elevated to sister status over the years, and is the only living person that actually knows all of my dirty little secrets. MMMMMMM....maybe I might have to get someone to duct tape her mouth.

ellie said...

Yes, I am shocked you do not know Alice's story! :O

You're the youngest of four sibs? Well, no wonder we get along! I'm the oldest of 4! lol

And so cool you used a quote from me....hey, does that make me famous now? LOL

This was neat, Teri....thanks for posting it!

Thauna said...

I love the Alice in Wonderland movie...the old Disney one. It's great. "Do you play croquet"??? :o) That's just the first line that popped into my head. Along with "this just gets curious-er, and curious-er."