Friday, November 27, 2009

Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

Do you believe in earthly life after death in any form? If you had asked me that question 10 years ago, I would have said no.

After my mom passed away in November 2000, I started getting strange signs. I'm not going to go into them here because -- well, for those who don't believe, I think you have to experience it yourself to understand it and believe it. I know I certainly did. I'm one of the most cynical people I know of, and if I read someone else talking about what I've experienced, I'd surely think they were daft. So I'm not about to go talking about it.

However, Michele Ward's GPP Street Team's topic for Crusade 35 is called "Signs." She asks us to "show and tell the story of a sign or symbol that represents or reminds you of a loved one." I cannot resist saying that one of the ways my mom communicated with me after passing was by having the song "Lying Eyes" by the Eagles playing everywhere I went for many months. At first I thought, "could it be?" Then I thought, "God it really IS." And after a while, I just started saying, "Hi mama." (By the way, that particular song was the catalyst not because I'm a liar --I hope-- but because in high school I was quite the Eagles fan and I clearly remember her in my room saying, "Treesa, when I hear this band I think of you."

She'd never said that about any band before or since, and so when I suddenly started hearing the Eagles performing Lyin' Eyes on P.A. systems in nearly every store and restaurant and on what felt like every radio station I turned on -- 25+ years or more after they'd recorded the song -- I knew it was her sign, her way of reaching out and telling me she was there and looking out for me. Here is my GPP Street Team Show and Tell digital collage. Hi mama.

Did you ever get a sign like that - one that you're willing to talk about?


Bea said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you finally said hello to her. They work so hard to get our attention sometimes.
My step father died around Thanksgiving some years ago. That Christmas we had a very, VERY large Christmas tree. We had the proper stand for it's size but we forgot that the trunk would shrink and so the tree fell over. Everything on the front side broke as the tree hit the wood floor. I had broken ornaments all over the place. Except for one. The one my step dad had given me. It was a glass blown American flag. He was a vet from WWII.
We set the tree upright. Put new non breakable ornaments on the tree and darn if it didn't fall over again. Same place. Ornaments bouncing all over the place and again the only one remaining on the tree was that flag.
I finally said, "OK, Daddy, I get it, you are ok. Now, please leave the tree alone."
And, yeah, some could say it was dumb luck. I would rather believe that it was my step father, just checking in with me in a big way.
Having some fun which he well deserved. :)Bea

Brenda said...

I have so many examples, but one I like to re-tell my husband makes him laugh. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law did not see eye to eye. My brother-in-law, a very sweet guy, had juvenile diabetes and many health problems because of it. The year before my mother-in-law died, he had to have several toes amputated, and was hobbling around in a boot and having difficulty with recover. For the next year, it was a source of trouble and got progressively worse, but his wife never let up on her demands of him. It sometimes seem to the rest of us that the worse it was the more she wanted.

My mother in law passes away and he is still wearing this stupid boot on his foot. We had divided up the things we wanted, and he came over to get his stuff ALONE. Well, not exactly, he brought his eight year old with him. He called me on the phone, and I met him over there. There were a ton of boxes and stuff to carry out to the car. When I asked how he had planned on doing it alone, he told me was going to sit down on his butt and slide the front steps (over 12 of them).

Can you imagine? I couldn't believe that his wife didn't come with him to get the stuff and put it in the car or at the very least, send their teenage son with him.

One year after my mother in law passed away, my brother was found dead in his driveway. He was a young man only 46 years old. It was very sad, and he was missed dearly.

Lo, behold, one month after his death, his wife went to a doctor's appointment, and there was something in the driveway she didn't see and tripped and fell.

She broke her foot. Coincidence you say? I never believed for one minute that it was. I honestly believe that it was mother-in-law. I had sensed her presence a few days before when I was hanging clothes in the back yard. It was monumental. Just a sense that I had that she was around, and a few days later, I heard that my sister in law broke her foot.

All I can say is thank god, she liked me and I treat my husband with mutual respect, or who knows what she would have done to me that day.

KathrynAntyr said...

Yes! I see signs all the time. I just posted a blog entry about the signs I noticed on Wednesday when I went to my friend's mother's funeral. Be sure to bring your tissues!

Holli said...

Oh I have so many stories of signs I've experienced... feeling my daughter's hand in mine while falling asleep, smelling strong cigarette smoke in my home when no one smokes here (my grandpa), a song by Creed that reminds me of my daughter and has since I was pregnant with her, and many actual spirit sightings and happenings from my grandpa over the years.

I have always been a believer. My mom said I used to talk to people in my closet when I was four (hold actual conversations) and ever since then I've been experiencing things otherworldly. Its a part of my life now... doesn't happen all the time... but when it does I embrace it.

michelle ward said...

Teri - great piece, and wonderful story. I have songs that are specific signs of loved ones, both living and passed on. Music is so powerful that way. I even got a musical *sign* last night from my sister. Now when I hear The Eagles I will think of you and your mom and I haven't even met you :) Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the team.

I love that all your commenters told great stories too!

ellie said...

Oh, this was such a cool post to read, Teri....and I loved reading the additional stories in everyone's comments too. I think it is interesting that so many signs involve music or certain smells.....and I have to say that I have experienced signs both of those ways myself.

Once, after speaking with a good friend about my grandmother (who passed when I was young)...I was feeling rather depressed about the loss and was wandering around in a bookstore. Suddenly, I became aware of the song playing on the sound system in the grandmother's "signature song" which was "Walkin' after Midnight" by Patsy Cline. Made me break into the biggest smile ever....and I just sat down on a little stool in the middle of the store and listened to the song and "talked" to my grandmother in my head....because I knew it was her letting me know that she was there and that we would see each other again someday. It was a very comforting experience.

Lisa said...

I've never had a sign like that--well, not that I've been aware of; maybe I missed it. But I've always been certain that my grandmother is with me at certain times. It's more of a feeling.

cathsheard said...

Great post, and great comments. In Stephen Donaldson's "Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever" series the giant says something like "laugh for me Thomas, joy is in the ears that hear, not the voice that sings". Sounds like many of us have ears that hear joy.

goudenregen said...

What a beautiful sign you have created on your page. I had trouble finding a sign for I had never an experience like yours.

A Dancing Mango said...

Hi Terri,
Yes, I could write a full book and a half.
God is with us indeed no matter where we are.. we just need to "expect"..
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Good luck!
Hugs, and Merry Christmas..
Hopping thru the snow I go!
We are getting 19" of snow with 40 mile an hour wind/blizzard.. yikes.. I miss you my friend..
Please say Hi to Ellie from me.
Hugs, Darlene :-}