Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thoughts for the new year


Be infinitesimal under that sky, a creature
even the sailing hawk misses, a wraith
among the rocks where the mist parts slowly.
Recall the way
mere mortals are overwhelmed
by circumstance,
how great reputations
dissolve with infirmity and how
in particular, live a hairsbreadth from losing
everyone you hold dear.

Then, look back down the path as if seeing
your past and then south over the hazy blue
coast as if present to a wide future,
recall the way
you are all possibilities
you can see and how you live best
as an
appreciator of horizons
whether you reach them or not,

admit that once you have got up
from your chair and opened the door,

once you have walked out into the clean air
toward that edge and taken the path up high
beyond the ordinary
you have become
the privileged and the pilgrim

the one who will tell the story
and the one, coming back
from the mountain,
who helped to make it.

- David Whyte
from RIVER FLOW: New & Selected Poems 1984-2007
©2006 Many Rivers Press


ellie said...


and true.

Tammy Freiborg said...

Thanks for sharing! When I stare at the photo it begins to spin!

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KathrynAntyr said...

Happy New Year to you!