Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

First and most important -- today is my sister's birthday!!    Here are the presents I made for her.

A Birthday Love Banner

I used music sheets for the pennants, sewing a seam in the top and then painting them with pinks and red acrylic paints.  The letters are chipboard, pre-made, that I edged with a cranberry-colored Stampin' Up stamp pad and the embellishments are brads and clips.  A closer view:

And her other gift is this sweet canvas and linen pillow, with her picture as a one-year-old featured  front and center.  She was my parents' first child and, like all first babies, she was their treasure.  


And finally, lest you think New Yorker's aren't a romantic bunch, here is a bike in the West Village, decorated for my sister's birthday!!  (And maybe for the Love Ride at Washington Square, too.)

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day???


Brenda said...

so sweet! That is true about the first child, but you know I always say to my two girls if your brother wasn't so wonderful and awe inspiring I won't have the two of you. They each bring you a special joy. I love your tribute to your sister.

Hope you have a great day too! Who said NYers aren't romantic? I am sure they are completely wrong. Why would there be so many great restaurants if they weren't?

Bea said...

She is very lucky to have such a wonderful sister, like you. I spent my day in the studio, losing myself in my paints and fabric.
Zeus worked on eating the Valentine's Day cake I made. After 42 years together we greet each new Valentine's Day with, "I'm so glad we still have one another."

Holli said...

You are so dang creative Teri!

Cindy said...

I agree with Holli! You are an inspiration!
Pretty quiet day here. I woke up to pretty flowers from my sweet daughter and a mushy card from Jeff! The Nascar race was on this afternoon...he couldn't miss it! (Probably why he buttered me up with a mushy card!) I took Abby to the Dog Park to enjoy the 75 degree weather! Yes, I'm sorry to even say that when a lot of you are suffering with cold and icky weather! We ordered pizza this evening and that's about all the excitement!

Tammy Freiborg said...

Cute, adorable pic of your sister! Gotta love personalized, handmade gifts.

teri said...

Oh Bea, that's lovely. And so true.

Brandie said...

you are so creative...I love it!!

Lisa said...

Oh, your sister is a lucky girl!