Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderingland

"Who is your favorite character in Alice in Wonderland?"

This question came up recently in my art journaling group. I realize I am perhaps the only person in the Universe (yes I might be exaggerating, she says with a sigh) who has neither read nor seen any version of Alice, et al, so I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I've been told that I "should read the book first" and etc., but if I see the movie first I won't have that nasty problem of being disappointed that the limitations of film can't match the boundless flights of my imagination -- which usually happens when I read first, watch next.


I know there is a cat. I think i might like a cat, done well. (Unless he is sneaky and predatory. Then he's out.) I know there is a rabbit. He looks a bit scary, as if he is about to gnaw on my nose, but could be friendly and funny.

The rest of the characters are a blur to me right now - something about Queens and two large humpty-dumpty fellows who seem goofy and unlikely to become my favorites. If you asked me the same question about, say, Winnie the Pooh characters, I'd have a ready answer. But thinking about Alice in Wonderland just serves to remind me that I have missed this entire cultural phenomenon. Or maybe the whole story just seems so darned confusing and nightmarish that I've been resisting it. Not sure.


Holli said...

The movie is fantastic and is actually kind of a "sequel" to Alice in Wonderland. I wouldn't say you necessarily have to read the book first. She firsts goes down there as a little girl and in the movie she goes back again at 19. They need her help once more in defeating the Red Queen so the White Queen can take back the crown.

The Cheshire Cat has ALWAYS been my favorite character.....

Let me know when you see the movie. Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp are SO good.

Brenda said...

Oh Teri, thank God. another intelligent woman who has not read Alice in Wonderland.

I recently Alice I Have Been, which is about the "real" Alice, and was quite interesting, and of course, I know the story, but have never had the desire until recently to read it.

The only reason is because LOST alludes to it quite frequently, and I want to know what the connection is. I should move it to the top of the list before LOST ends in May.

If I had to pick a character, I think it would have to be either the Red Queen or the White Queen because I really like fiesty women!

You always have such great posts!

Happy Spring.

teri said...

This is all SO helpful to me! First of all Hol, I had no idea the movie was a sort of sequel. That is fantastic -- I will view it as such. Brenda, there is a book about the real Alice? Wait -- there IS a REAL Alice? and LOST is related to this whole deal? What??? I'm agog. Really, I am.

Bea said...

Well, you know I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan. The book of the original story has layers of richness for the reader. Wonderful silly adventures that Alice keeps on handling, stating her opinions along the way. The characters, in the book are magical, the word play, made up words, poems all a delight, to whisper outloud. Younger Alice for me. :)Bea

Thauna said...

I haven't seen the new movie yet and I haven't read the book (but I do want to). HOWEVER, I have had many, many viewing of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, my kids loved it when they were little, I think I still have parts memorized. So many favorite parts and characters and lines. It's one of my favorites, can wait to watch it with my grandbaby. :o)

paperqueen said...

Alice Liddell was the daughter of friends of Lewis Carroll. He originally told the story of Alice in Wonderland to her and wrote it down at her urging. Or so I've read.
Alice I Have Been (which is on my list of books to read) is a mix of fact and fiction about the life of the real Alice, and how being regarded as the inspiration for the Carroll character affected her whole life. Sounds interesting, huh?
I love the illustrations even more than the story (though there are some memorable quotes from the book), and have a collection of Alice rubber stamps. That doesn't surprise you, does it?

teri said...

No Eileen, not one bit. ;-)

If anyone wants some lovely Alice images, go to the link for The Last Door Down the Hall in my sidebar. Elizabeth Golden has some lovely ones!

Lizzi said...

You're not the only one Teri. I haven't read the book or seen any film version. I have been on the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland if that counts for anything. I do want to see the new movie though.

surfmomma4 said...

I love all the characters in Alice in Wonderland. I have to admit that I have only seen the Disney version, which I love. The original drawings are magical..and I see they have sets of the stamps at Somerset Studios..I must have them..enjoy..

Lisa said...

I was appalled that Tim Burton was going to make Alice in Wonderland--he makes everything so frightening for children. Then I remembered that, frankly, the Disney version scared me more than a little bit when I was little. My daughter, on the other hand, has always loved it. My favorite character? Alice.

Stampmaiden said...

HA! First of all, I LOVE the title ......Wonderingland" - LOL! My favorite character is Alice, the original one from the book. That girl is never afraid to speak her mind regardless of who you are. I'm with Bea on this one. Original Alice for me.