Thursday, May 6, 2010

iPods, walking, fantasies and Sting

Are you an au naturel walker, enjoying the sounds of the lawn mowers humming and birds chirping as you walk, or do you don the protective gear - hat, sunglasses and iPod - before embarking on your walk?  

I enjoy hearing the birds when I sit outside for coffee, but when I'm out for a walk I'd prefer to have my mind occupied a bit more. I enjoy the change of pace music brings to my life. I live in New York City and unless I count the subway rats and the pigeons on my windowsill, or I go out to Central Park, there isn't much wildlife in my immediate neighborhood.  

There are some city sounds I love: horse hooves tripping up 50th street as the hansom cabs from Central Park return to their stables; steam escaping from subway tunnels. (The jackhammers? Not so much.) So now and then I go for walks taking just my ears with me. But walking with my iPod and headphones has always had it's charms, whether in the city or country, because music changes my mood entirely and allows my walk to take on a life of its own. Sure, I could stay in the present and see my "real" neighborhood day after day. But how much more fun to allow myself the indulgence of seeing it through the blushing lens of Sting's Brand New Day, where haunting melodies like Desert Rose or A Thousand Years will transport me, just for a little while, to a magical kingdom that I can build. Yes it's a fantasy, but it involves STING and music and exercise, and tomorrow it could be, you know, Jon Bon Jovi or Andrea Bocelli for heavens sake. That isn't so bad, is it?


Brenda said...

Funny, Teri, I miss the sounds of the city.
When my sis who lives in the city comes over, she says she feels likes she is coming to the! We live 8 miles from Philadelphia.
(center city) and about 2 1/2 from the city limits.

I have NO ipod although I got two free ones. Both of them I gave to my daughters. I had a subscription to Marie Claire for my daughter one year and they sent me an Ipod for free b/c I was one of the first fee to respond. How cool was that.

Maybe I should ask for one for Mother's Day.

Brenda said...

p.s. I love this Andre Botticelli

When I hear the Italian language as he sings it I cry. I swear it has to be the language the angels sing in.

Holli said...

I guess when I walk I like to absorb everything around me... I feel uncomfortable also with headphones on in public places. Like someone is going to sneak up behind me and kill me if I have them on! lol

Lisa said...

Well, than--when I read the first part about being an au naturel walker, I was a little shocked. I thought you might be walking the streets of NYC in your birthday suit!

teri said...

Holli my former mother in law used to actually warn me about this. She'd tell me not to turn up the volume too much when I went for walks in case someone was going to do just that. And this was when I was living in the suburbs walking around streets with manicured lawns. I don't know what she'd say now, with everyone in New York City strutting around with strings hanging from their ears.