Friday, September 17, 2010

10 things I want to remember about the summer of 2010

in no particular order...

Bill standing in his flip flops and tuxedo, watching and waiting for Ally to arrive at the altar to marry him.

Ally's little salon breakdown on the morning of the wedding and her needing Ben at that moment more than anyone else in the world -- and how he talked her through it.

Distracting Ally before her bridal shower--that endless cup of coffee while we waited.

Shadows and light at Horton House, HF Bar Ranch, Wyoming.

Dewey, Truman, Monty and Zulu in the early morning at the Hamptons.

NOT getting into the Nate show with Kim and Atsuko--but a great afternoon together anyway.

BBQs with Ellen and Frank-margaritas and always too much food.

Geocaching in Central Park and Greenwich Village.

Riding horses at dusk in the foothills of the Bighorns.

Hiking the banks of the Shell Creek with Cindy and the picnic ride to the South Fork.


Holli said...

Sounds like a fantastic summer!!

teri said...

It was a fantastic summer. I make these lists in my journals every fall, and then when I come across them, months or years later I think, wow -- I totally forgot about that!

Lisa said...

You did have a great summer!

Lizzi said...

Nice summer!!

Flip flops and a tux...I love it!