Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Week 2010 - Lincoln Center

Fashion week starts tomorrow at its new location - Lincoln Center instead of Bryant Park - NYC. I think everyone will be happy, as there is a dearth of good restaurants in the BP area. I used to live there and hated trying to find anywhere good to eat in the neighborhood. Now I live within a short walk of Lincoln Center and can always find a good place to eat. P.J Clarkes and Rosa Mexicana, both across the street, are doing a booming business today and will likely continue to do so for the next week.  There was lots of commotion this morning as the tents are up, photographers are milling about trying to catch a shot of the fashion somebodies, and construction crews are working on the frame you see behind me and that you'll soon see on the Project Runway finale (if you are a fan). So much excitement!!  


Janet Ghio said...

Wow-project Runway and Rachel Zoe were the first two things I thought about when I saw the title of your post. I can't even imagine living in New York, let alone being close enough to walk to all the places we always hear about. Very cool!

Brenda said...

love Project Runway, but have lost what channel or night it comes on.

Holli said...

How cool! I love that this is going on near you.... exciting,exciting! Cute picture of you Teri!