Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Vintage Style

I'm the angel in the bottom middle (the one
with the ridiculously short bangs).
See that boy to my right? (your
left) He's the first boy I ever
"played doctor" with.

Yes, that is me dressed as St. Teresa. I cannot
imagine any circumstance under which
I thought this was a good idea, but
it's a good thing it was 1963 and 
I attended a Catholic school.

As I write this it is the Saturday night before Halloween in New York City. I just went out to walk the dog after spending two days inside with a bad cold and discovered the streets are peppered with drunken "trick or treaters" on their way to the local bars. I personally saw Batman entering the Social Club with Lady Gaga.  I can attest to that, Perez Hilton.

It reminded me that I was going to blog about Halloween memories. Some of my best memories of my mom were around her creativity -- and on Halloween she was the queen.  For several years on end she made -- easily -- a hundred candy apples to give out to the kids in the neighborhood. Ours was the most popular stop in town, for sure. I remember older boys standing outside the house hollering, "Mrs. Mezzo, I want another one," when she ran out.  After a while she had to stop making them because she couldn't keep up with the demand on that day. 

And we didn't only give.  Halloween was second only to Christmas as a day when my two older brothers could indulge their acquisitive natures, and they didn't miss the opportunity; they took their candy gathering very seriously.They would go out with pillowcases right after school and didn't come back until they were at least 2/3 full. They always had tales about houses with cider and donuts, large Hershey bars or similar treasure.  At the end of the "gathering," we would all dump our booty out on the dining room table, (I'd have something to contribute, but nothing like their loot),  pick out our favorites, and then mom would put the rest in large metal tins and let us eat a little each day.  We were still eating Halloween candy after Christmas.  We knew we were at the end of the candy tins when we were left with green gumdrops or Good 'n Plenty.  Or those Peppermint Patties.  Even at my most desperate sugar moment I couldn't force myself to eat those.


Janet Ghio said...

Love your costumes and your stories--yeah, those good n plenty's were always left--sometime you were lucky and could find someone who liked them that would trade for something good!!

Brenda said...

Lovely Halloween memories.

Mine not so lovely. I had a crazy father, who we later found out was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness (long, long story) and he was adamantly against the holiday. Christmas was bad too!

Do you remember how when we were kids people gave out the large size candy not the little things they give out now?

Thanks for sharing. I loved the pics.

Tammy Freiborg said...

I have a huge smile from ear to ear. To the good old days before store-to-store halloween walks. Your mom was special! Love the pics of you!

teri said...

Glad you're all enjoying this. And I'm happy to see I"m not the only one who didn't like those Good 'n Plenty!

freebird said...

Fun memories!

Nadia said...

What great memories! Sounds like you all had plenty of fun times during Halloween :) As for the Good n'Plenty - I don't blame you (yuck!).

Elena said...

What wonderful memories Teri! I too have wonderful memories of Halloween. Too bad that now I worry about my grand daughter going out trick or treating. Worry about the people... the drugs... Halloween has lost it's innocence and that is truly sad.

Cynthia said...

Love your photos and stories. Fond memories. I love candy apples. God Bless your Mom for making 100 of them. Too bad we can't do old fashioned Halloween with candy apples and popcorn balls unless it is a personal party. Oh, Good 'n Plenty ack terrible licorice. I used to love the bagged penny candy.

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

ohhh yes I remember my "doctor" too!

Holli said...

This is a fantastic post... thank you for sharing and I was cracking up at the pictures... I loved them!!

Thauna said...

Love the pictures!!! Makes me wish I had some of childhood Halloween's, I can't even remember any pictures of us trick or treating. I made up for that with my kids...those are funny to look back on. One year I sewed a Cinderella dress and a Jasmine outfit...of course I procrastinated and stressed out, never did that again.