Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best Easter Egg Hunt Story Ever (or unintended consequences)

One year my friend decided to color boiled eggs and make an Easter egg hunt for her kids, hiding them out around the backyard pool area.  Always wanting to include the family dogs in their fun (two giant labradoodles) she fashioned bows around their necks with an Easter egg tied on to complete the picture of the perfect egg hunt.  At the appointed time she let the kids and dogs outside to begin.  

On cue, the two dogs promptly set upon each others' necks, eating the eggs off each others' collars and leaving their empty ribbons hanging in tatters. Then they turned their attention to the pool area and ran from bush to post to nook and hollow,  elbowing out the kids and uncovering those lovely pastel eggs, gobbling them up before the kids could get to any of them.  If the children had been younger it might have been sad, but fortunately it was only hilarious.

At the end of this debacle, 36 colorful eggs were nestled inside the tummies of Monty and Zulu, the most enthusiastic Easter egg hunters ever.