Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sounds of Summer

My friend Bea at Dog in the Hole Studios (see sidebar) mentioned how much she loves to hear sound of children laughing. I especially liked this line from her blog:  "We could hear the screams and laughter from a yard, across the field. ... if I could bottle that sound and play it all winter I would be so happy. What a great sound and wonderful energy."

I started thinking about the summer sounds I love best and realized they define the season for me.  Cicada's buzzing nearby, the sound starting low and then growing in intensity, then finally ebbing away to silence again.   Water rushing over rocks in a stream, a deafening roar of white noise punctuated by an occasional loud thud of a rock being relocated.  Prop planes passing overhead (less and less these days). Water slapping the side of a boat, and the click-whoooosh of a fishing line sent soaring through the air. The occasional dragonfly dive bombing our boat or a loud bumblebee passing by.

Those are the summer sounds of memory, when I lived in the suburbs and spent my free time in the country. These days I live in one of the busiest cities on earth. There are so many sounds here that they blend together into a hum that becomes white background noise to me. That's why I love getting away to our favorite Wyoming ranch, sitting on a saddle and riding into the forest. I need to see those dragonflies.

What are your favorite summer sounds?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mother of the Bride

I had intended to post questions for each chapter of American Wife, but things changed and that didn't happen.  As it turned out I did start a Women and Books discussion group on Goodreads to select a work of fiction to read and discuss each month, and if you are interested in joining you can click here:   Women and Books .  

In ten days (July 23) my baby girl will be getting married. This is obviously a big deal for our family, as it is for every family.  After all the years and all the many times she and I have watched Steve Martin's incredulous blustering and posturing in Father of the Bride ("don't forget to fasten your condom,") I can't believe her turn is coming up.  She'll obviously (I use that word because it's so clear to us, not that it would be clear to you) be using several songs from that movie since it's nearly the soundtrack of our lives.  I feel as if we should rent swans for the ceremony and find Fraaaahhhnk to do the rest.  God we loved watching that movie and dreaming about her big day -- and now it's nearly here.

Will we be able to give her up?  She has been, after all, our ray of sunshine for 24 years and now, here she is, taking dancing lessons as I write this,  getting ready for her wedding day.  I suppose these things have to happen; I know they do.  But now I understand how my parents felt so many years ago when my feet were still in my house but my mind was already out the door, longing for the little girl who has already gone.