Monday, November 29, 2010

Try, Try Again

I took knitting lessons last winter at Purl in the West Village.  I was arguably the worst of the group of 12 women.  I got so mixed up, and then so embarrassed, that I couldn't even hear what the teacher was saying any more when he stood over me to instruct me.  It was humiliating.

I spent the past year on and off practicing. Knit, unravel, knit, unravel.  Finally I decided to knit a scarf.  Knit 200 stitches. Tie off. Start a new row, knit 200 stitches. Rinse and repeat.  I finished a week ago and I must say...that it is arguably the worst scarf I've ever seen.  HUGE holes.  Some rows look knit. Some look purled. Some look like some other sort of unknown stitch. Mystery stitch.

My knitter friend came over to see it and took pity on me. My "helper" knitter friend.  She modeled what a knitter looks like by showing me how she knits. (I'd never seen anyone knit before.)  She watched how I was knitting to see what I was doing right and wrong.  Then she gently reminded me to push the yarn down here, push it up there, and mostly she encouraged me. She rolled balls of yarn for me.  (Nine of them)  She sat while I knit 10 rows of stitching to make sure I was starting out well.

Today I have 4 inches of a new scarf started. Arguably the most perfectly wonderful scarf I have ever seen.  So happy.  So glad I have a friend who took the time to get me on the right track.  

Saturday, November 27, 2010