Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recipe for art fun

Mix together:

Several Good friends
Yummy food
Much Interesting conversation
One NYC Art Gallery
Plenty of Time
cappuccino, coffee and tea
scoops of ice cream

Last week was a fun outing for me with my Journal Study Group friends and a couple of guests.  First we had lunch at the Landmarc at the Time Warner Building. Vivian (Swift) brought lots of beautiful pages from her newest "Damn France Book" for us to look at.  (We oohed and aahed, as they were absolutely stunning and she is a very, very talented artist.)  I took heart when she said that her early art wasn't so terrific but she just kept at it.  That is something I can do, I thought. I'm very good at keeping at it.  There is hope for me! (I'm nothing if not persistent.)  Then Gwen Diehn (author of The Decorated Page and The Decorated Journal, among other things, as if you didn't know) showed us her latest butter box journal. I ask you - who would think of such a thing? And I can hear your answer. So don't say it. She's brilliant and sweet and am I gushing? I suppose so. He husband Phil joined her for the day and he is as wonderful as Gwen. Imagine a husband who would hang out with 7 women all day, chatting with me about education and poetry?  Indeed.

Benedicte, Pat, moi, Shirley, Vivian, our own Melanie Testa (also a book in progress, and Gwen Diehn

After lunch we walked across the street to the Museum of Art and Design to view the Global Africa Project. Lots of fine lines to sketch and interesting ideas to learn about.

Those who follow my 365 Project may have seen a couple of these photos before.

Scarab beetles


  We found the fluidity of these dresses fascinating.

 Gwen and Vivian ponder life...                            

 There is an Artist in Residence program at the museum. This artist was explaining his self-expression  through his work with porcelain pottery.

It was a wonderful day, and we ended it with a visit to the cafe on the top floor, with scoops of ice cream for everyone except Phil Diehn. It's easy to infer why he was the thinnest among us.


ksowens said...

What a wonderful, dream-come-true kind of day!! I am so jealous :-)) Thanks for sharing your fabulous day.

Tammy Freiborg said...

A fabulous day with friends. Love the photos!

Shirley said...

Love this Teri - it beautifully captures the fun day we had. But it is Gwen and Vivian pondering...need to change the caption. And now I can follow your 365 project!

Janet Ghio said...

What a fabulous exhibit that must have been and how lucky you are to have a group of friends to meet with and talk art and to live in a place that affords so many opportunites for inspiration!!

teri said...

And why do I keep mixing up the names Vivian and Shirley? Thanks for letting me know!

Lizzi said...

That looks like a fabulously wonderful day!

Holli said...

What a fun day.... I loved this!

Seth said...

Wow this looks like a fun day. What a great group. And thanks for all these photos too. I almost feel like I was there.

Lisa said...

It does sound like a wonderful day and you saw such interesting things!