Sunday, March 20, 2011

The strange story of a doll

There is a thrift store near me where I often go to donate my clothes when I clean out my closets. It's a danger zone, because the moment I drop off clothes, I find myself browsing. Such valuable finds.
Yesterday I found a pitiful doll that I decided to take home for surgery and reconstruction. Just one look at her clothing and body and I knew I could improve this girl's life.

Really...these teeth need more than zoom whitening. And those eyes are somewhat frightening. (cat hairs complimentary)

Have you ever seen boobs crying out for a lift more than these?

I like her better with her bandana bra, but things are getting interesting now. Hand sewn garments. And not a typically constructed doll at all.  She is stuffed with straw. Clearly there are many details included on this doll, so she wasn't rushed, but the person who sewed her had rudimentary skills in creating dolls. 

Then I turned her over and found this.  Aha!  This is no ordinary doll. She was created as some kind of homage to St. Anthony, a patron Saint.

St. Anthony is a major patron saint in many religions. He is prayed to for many things, most especially when something is lost.

Here is a view, looking downward, of the way the arm was added, using wire, and also some of the straw stuffing inside the body.

And that's a better view of her body and the way her legs are added on to the outside of the body frame.  I didn't remove her petticoat, because at this point I had made a decision about this girl.  As much as I might have been able to give her outside a facelift, to the person who created her with love and prayer, she was very beautiful and didn't need any improvement at all.  I don't think there is anything I can to do this girl that will do anything but ruin her.  So back together she went -- with the same pins I'd taken out to take off her clothes. 

As you can see, she is Roan approved.


Monica said...

What an incredible find. there must be something very special about her. I wonder if she is Haitian as they are catholics and pray to St Anthony patron saint of lost things. The doll collectors might have a hissy fit over her. Find her a special corner.

Tammy Freiborg said...

She must have quite a story. Thanks for sharing!

ellie said...

Well, there is no question about it...Roan is a connoisseur of doll babies (and good for him for not letting his masculinity get in the way).

I'm thinking this lovely find of yours might be worth something....(in addition to being worth something just because it's fab). Got any friends who collect dolls that could tell ya?

Bea said...

Wow, what a great find and story. I love the doll and apparently, she is living with you now to help you FIND something. I wonder what that is? Do you? :)Bea

Melly Testa said...

I wouldn't be able to change a thing about her. I just want to snatch her up and hug her! Glad you found her and gave her a chance!

Holli said...

Wow, what a neat thing to find Teri. Must have been Fate!