Monday, May 23, 2011

Alexander McQueen Exhibit - MOMA

I recently attended the Alexander McQueen exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  There was so much to see -- he was truly a genius, and the fashion world is greatly reduced without him. Some was definitely dark and would seem strange to many, like the "spine corset"

But others would look beautiful to almost any eye.

Look at how this dress has one short sleeve and the other side sleeveless (and almost sideless).  The thing about Alexander McQueen that strikes me most is that he was not afraid to poke the edges of acceptable in his designs.  He did not seem to be confined by the boundaries that can imprison creative thought.

I don't recall what kind of material this dress is made from.  I remember thinking it looked like long fingernails fastened together into a dress.

The platforms on these shoes are outrageous, and they look even better reflected in the mirror beneath them.

This last shot isn't quite as clear as the others (lighting was quite low in the exhibit) but you can see enough to appreciate the design.

There were several videos playing in the display, showing the dresses being worn for their fashion debuts.  Often the background on the stage was dark and the music was solitary, strange, almost like the melancholy call of a whale.  The models moved around slowly and in a zombie-like fashion.  As I said, definitely punching holes in the boundaries of the expected.


Janet Ghio said...

What a fabulous exhibit this must have been! I love your photo of the platform shoes.

Monica said...

MOMA has a fabulous site with many of the costumes, description and comments by his friends.

it would be interesting to see how he interpreted them for his consumers.

Holli said...

WOW!!! Now this is an exhibit I would have loved to have seen also.... I really like his work.... such a genius. I'm sad that he's gone.

ellie said...

Man, great minds think just sent you a MOMA link to their art and poetry class this morning! LOL

I love the fashion....esp. the completely impractical and outrageous stuff. I wonder what our grandmothers would say about those shoes.

Thauna said...

Love the picture of the platforms in the reflection...crazy.