Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3-Art Journaling Memoir Unit

The question for yesterday was, "were you a dreamer, a painter..."

Here is my journal response to that one.

And the journal prompt for today is...

My favorite food was cornflakes with chocolate milk. Usually I dumped Nestles Quik in to make the white milk taste chocolatey. My brother and I would pile our cereal boxes up high between us at the breakfast table so we didn't have to see each other.

Did you have sibling rivalry? Did you have a food you always ate for breakfast or lunch?  Do you still eat it?


Rita A. said...

I am loving these prompts. My sister was ten years older and was more like a mom. We always had to share a room. Tough on a teenager. She was a fantastic artist, selling oil paintings and doing all kinds of things. She came closest to "killing me" when I got into her paints.
I don't remember breakfast much. We did enjoy left over cornbread broken up and covered with milk.

Thauna said...

Sibling...mmm, we fought some but we were also allies against the parents. haha I remember making fried potatoes with my first younger brother (2 yrs younger) after school for a snack. It was our thing...but that was jr/high school. I still love them and making fried potatoes reminds me of the good times with my brother.

Holli said...

Your artwork is GORGEOUS! I bet you were a fun friend to have as a child Teri.... :)

No sibling rivalry in our house. My brother would come and wake me up at 6:30am on Saturday in his little T shirt and under-roos and we'd go into the kitchen so I could make our bowls of cereal. We'd carry them into the living room and sit on the floor in front of the TV... he with his skinny, scratched up legs askew and me with my long long T shirt stretched to the bottom of my feet because it was cold... and we would eat our Apple Jacks and watch cartoons until my mom got up.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love your journal page. I miss this type of journaling. My brother an I are close. We had our own language and great childhood memories. We fought as siblings do, but we did not allow any else to fight with us. We were each other's protector. My much younger sister still feels left out.