Monday, May 2, 2011

Memoir Art Journal Day 2

Here are my journal responses to yesterday's prompt.

And the next journal prompt is:

When you were young and growing, were you a painter, a singer, a dreamer a lover, a planner?  Describe yourself by telling us what you did.


Brenda said...

When I was young, I was a writer. I have always been a writer from the first time I could hold a pen. I liked to just write my name and words that weren't connected. In the second grade, I wrote a story about the class trip to the zoo, and my teacher, my favorite one to this day, gave me high praise for it, and that sealed the deal. When I was ten, my grandmother bought me a typewriter, an old clunky, blue manual typewriter that I loved and to this day, I cannot believe that my grandmother, who only completed fourth grade, knew me well enough to buy me a gift that no one has ever been able to top for being just perfect.

teri said...

Wow - what a visionary your grandma was, Brenda. She already understood that you had a way with words and gave you the perfect gift to help you grow.

Monica said...

I have no idea, my childhood was one of out playing and seemingly always to be in trouble!

Janet Ghio said...

I was a planner and a painter I think. My best friend Lillyan and I always were making charts of daily activites and checking them off and making lists--so definitely a planner!! My mother was an artist, so there were always art classes and materials available and girl scout badges to be worked on--I loved the "dabbler" badge!!

Holli said...

It's beautiful Teri! I was a dreamer for sure growing up and a writer and a planner..... I had such high hopes and thoughts for myself. I would make list after list of what I wanted to do and I wrote poetry and short stories.... my head was always up in the clouds.

That Holli needs to come back.

Thauna said...

Love your page!!!

I used to draw, somewhere along the way I lost my confidence in it though. Oh and I used to write stories, I had totally forgotten that. I was usually trying to learn whatever my mom and grandma's craft du jour was. We went through several.

Elizabeth Golden said...

More fabulous journal pages Teri! Love them.
I was a painter, dreamer, reader when I was a child. Art lessons, lots of outside time running free, very wonderful childhood for me.