Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Lizzi and Thauna at Besprinkled asked yesterday about our favorite summer things.  I had fun thinking about this, especially on Memorial Day weekend.

In New York City, I like nights when you walk outside and the sound of a violin is drifting from someone's open window.  I adore street fairs with polenta and cheese squares and candied fruit, and seeing all the happy faces walking on 9th Avenue.  I soak up evenings when the terrace downstairs is full of people chatting and drinking coffee and laughing, with the fountain splashing and bubbling away. I love the start of it all, Memorial Day weekend, because the military ships dock close by and the streets are full of happy people in uniform, celebrating their leave in this fun city.  And I'm smitten with summer days at Central Park, with cotton candy and baby ducks and the symphony of sounds:  children laughing, the lilting jack-in-the-box melody of the carousel, dogs barking, and the mournful wail of a saxophone from under a bridge.

I was in Times Square yesterday and captured these shots of the Memorial Day Weekend festivities for you.  Enjoy your weekend!

My Dad, husband and father-in-law were Marines. It's a proud tradition in my family, and I loved capturing a picture of these handsome young men.

A Marine corps jazz band was playing on the stage in Times Square.

Yes, that's me manning a machine gun.  One of the Marines offered to take a picture for me to send to my husband, and I couldn't resist.

Remember to thank your military this holiday.  They are the people who keep us safe and free.


Thauna said...

Ha, I recognize that photo of a Chili's margarita! Yum! I love reading about summer in New York...kinda makes me want to be a New Yorker. My memories of being in NY are cherished (and so long ago) I hope that someday I get to add some new ones.

teri said...

You are an experienced Chili-an, Thauna!! I drank that particular margarita last March in Miami, on my way to Key Largo for my art weekend with pals. Summer was only a dream at that time -- those are happy memories.

Brenda said...

for a city girl, you particularly tan in that machine gun shot. I like big guns...makes you feel powerful.

Sue Young said...

Great pix,Teri,especially of you and the gun!!You're a natural!!!
Wow,you make NYC sound great!!Of all the times I have flown in out of of there,I have never actually visited the city itself,I am ashamed to say.Someday!
Happy Weekend!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Great post Teri. My dad was a Marine and have always felt a connection. I went to a Marine Ball with a young Marine many years ago. It was so special. I love all who have and still are serving our country. We are free because of them.

I think you are the luckiest gal in the world that you get to live in NYC.


Monica said...

living vicariously through your posts about life in NYC. (Well now that it summer)maybe next time they will let you try out a sub!

Holli said...

These were fantastic! I'm starting to get a real feel for NYC from you and Lou both and I think I'm gonna love it!!

KathrynAntyr said...

What a lovely post. I did have my heart broken by a lovely marine. I've since mended it! Your list of summer delights have me thinking of my own list. Thanks for the inspiration.