Saturday, June 4, 2011

Favorite Movie Lines

My friends over at Besprinkled are asking about our favorite movie lines in their 5 for Friday post (which I always enjoy).  I'm not sure if my favorite lines are as good out of context as they are as when you hear them in the movie, but here are some I really love:

From Notting Hill, because I delight in the pure, strained logic of it:

Martin: Did you know, and this is pretty amazing, but I once saw Ringo Starr.
William: Where was that?
Martin: Kensington High Street. At least I think it was Ringo, um, it could have been that guy from Fiddler on the Roof. You know, Toppy.
William: Topol.
William: Yes… yes that’s right, Topol.
William: Mmmhmmm. Actually, Ringo Starr doesn’t- doesn’t at all look like, uh, Topol.
Martin: Yes, but, he was- he was quite a long way away from me.
William: So it actually could’ve been neither of them.
Martin: Yes, I suppose, so.
William: It’s not really a classic, anecdote, is it?
Martin: Not a classic, no.


From Arthur (the original and ONLY one, in my opinion)

This line is one I quote often, mainly when friends tell me how HARD something is to do. Hobson (sir John Gielgud) visits Liza Minelli and delivers the line that won him the Oscar:

Hobson:  "This is not a tie you can steal."

And another Gielgud deadpan line that is just plain funny, delivered to her father:

Hobson: [to Ralph] If you and your undershirt will walk two paces backwards, I could enter this dwelling. 


This next line applies to so MANY things in life -- especially when we are deluded into thinking that an eccentric person is necessarily creative or talented:

Arthur: Everyone who drinks is not a poet. Maybe some of us drink because we're not poets. 


And rounding out my top 5 is a quote from The Three Amigos -- the silliest, goofiest movie I've ever enjoyed.  You have to watch it more than once to even begin appreciating it. But be careful, because it's addictive.

Jefe: I have put many beautiful pinatas in the storeroom, each of them filled with little suprises.
El Guapo: Many pinatas?
Jefe: Oh yes, many!
El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?
Jefe: A what?
El Guapo: A *plethora*.
Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.
El Guapo: Jefe, what is a plethora?
Jefe: Why, El Guapo?
El Guapo: Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.
Jefe: Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me? 

Ok. What's your favorite line?


Janet Ghio said...

You certainly had a plethora of good lines Teri!!

Tammy Freiborg said...

Interesting! Smart man in the photo!

ellie said...

From “The Thin Man” series…Nick and Nora gems…quick wit & dry gin…

Nick Charles (getting ready to expose the murderer at a dinner party):
“The murderer is right in this room. Sitting at this table. You may serve the fish.”

Nora Charles (at same dinner): “Waiter, will you serve the nuts? I mean, will you serve the guests the nuts?”

But my all time favorite is this exchange:

Nora (noticing Nick noticing an attractive female): “Pretty girl.”
Nick: “Yes. She's a very nice type.”
Nora: “You’ve got types?”
Nick: “Only you, darling. Lanky brunettes with wicked jaws.”

Eileen said...

Just about everything Sir John said in Arthur is noteworthy. My favorite is when Arthur says (I think) that he wants to take a bath, and Sir John deadpans, "I'll alert the media."
Can't tell you how many times I've used that line when someone says something they feel is important but truly is not.

Holli said...

I am cracking UP over here! I love 3 Amigos!!! My brother and I used to watch it over and over and quote lines from it constantly.

Thauna said...

Great lines!!! I'm kind of thinking it might be fun to rewatch The Three Amigos this weekend. Thanks so much for linking up to Life: Besprinkled....we love you!

Lorena said...

There are so many great movie lines...One of my all time favorites is from Broadcast News. Aaron says to Jane, "Ok, I'll meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time" and she knows exactly what he's talking about.

How many times have I said something equally cryptic and non-sensical to a friend and they knew exactly what I meant? I LOVE that! In fact, during an art night not too long ago, a friend was trying to describe an embellishment that she wanted to borrow from me. She couldn't figure out what it was called, but I knew exactly what she meant. Her husband stood there having witnessed our exchange, just shaking his head.

Lisa said...

I haven't seen Arthur in so long--no one else could possibly have delivered those lines in quite the same way as Geilgud did!

Cynthia Moody said...

Teri, from Arthur:

Liza says, "What's it like being on a yacht?"

Arthur says, "It doesn't suck..."