Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ranch Diary

The next installment in my ranch days blogary:

This is Shadow. He knows how to relax.

I hiked up this road today.  It was so
quiet I could hear my heart beating.

The wranglers here throw these lassos
over horses so easily.  So far, I've only
managed to lasso myself.

Yesterday was tie-dye day at the ranch. There 
is something very satisfying about dying 
your own clothing.


Shirley said...

Love the tie-dyeing! Are those your shirts?

Lisa said...

There's something very un-ranchy sounding about tie-dying! But they are cool!

Janet Ghio said...

When I saw that horse, it reminded me of when I was in high school (a long time ago!!)and went to a dude ranch in Colorado with a friend one summer. It brought the smell of the horses and the hay and the stables--not like the smell of manure, but just that horsey, riding smell. Haven't thought of that in years!!

Lillian Mederak said...

Teri Seems so relaxing for you....Love the shirts and the horse...enjoy!!!
xx Lilli
Lillian Mederak.
check out my art

PatriciaG said...

I can so picture you lassoing yourself and the horses all guffawing 'cause they know that you don't know that you are supposed to be someplace else where the other horses are waiting waiting waiting.

Monica said...

I looked at the postcard you made me and felt i knew the ranch. Sounds an ideal retreat for a Big Apple gal.

Aimeslee said...

Are you guys thinking of retiring there? Cuz, you know, the lasso could be a pretty cool little romatic toy, oops, I mean ploy. HAHAHA In that case, it would be a good thing to lasso yourself, eh? winkwink Oh, and thanks for the steps and long road photos. I love to collect photos of paths for some reason and those were AWESOME. The tye-dye, meh, not so much, guess I did too many of those shirts at YMCA camp as a kid. xoxo

Holli said...

Oh I love this post... this is GREAT!!

Melly Testa said...

too bad you can't tie dye clothing for horses. The shirts the horses and clouds are all gorgeous. So glad you are having a good time.