Monday, August 8, 2011

Verizon Strike

Photo courtesy of the lakewood scoop

There's my handsome son-in-law in the blue checked shirt on the right. He's standing with his union buddies, asking for fairness in labor practices from Verizon. 

Negotiating fairly means starting with a reasonable offer, one that employee reps can work with. Nobody ever wants to go on strike--the idea brings fear into every affected home.  Verizon's outrageous initial position has pushed its workers to this brink.  The company brought unworkable demands to the table that make it impossible for workers to find a middle ground.

Today, with our economy more in trouble than ever, we need to find a way to re-build our middle class and continue protections for workers who are the backbone of our country.  Without the counterbalance of workers united in unions, the middle class will continue to wither while our economy is dominated by the rich and powerful -- leading to greater flow of income to the top of the income scale.  Every robust economy is founded on a strong middle class, and without it we will fail.   As one of the Verizon linemen said,   ""They are trying to get rid of the working class," said Bill Gebhart, a lineman who has worked for Verizon for 15 years. "They are totally annihilating it."


Holli said...

I agree with your post and I'm so glad they are striking and trying to do better for themselves!

Janet Ghio said...

Right on Teri!!! Good for your son in law for standing up for what's important!! More people need to pay attention to what is happening in this country!!
On another subject--darling new photo of you!!

Aimeslee said...

Hiya, Teri. :-)) I feel for your son in law and daughter. It must suck to work for such a terrible company as Verizon, who has been doing this to its workers for almost 20 years now. I'm quite bearish on public sector unions, but the private sector is where union strength should be respected as they have the money to cover it, so I'm supportive. My own hubby is in a union, but we are so grateful that he works for the best company in the world (XOM). That helps ALOT. I wish your s-i-l could move to a better company worth his labor.

teri said...

Thank you so much for your support, ladies. It means a lot to the people who will read this.

Ally said...

I'm so proud of my husband and all my verizon friends! It hasn't been easy but we will all make it through this! Negotiations seem to have started again today, so hopefully this won't last very long. We won't stop saying our prayers!!

Lisa said...

Interesting to look at this from your point of view. I've got a friend who works for Verizon but is at a management level. She's now on strike duty. I wouldn't be too excited to see her arrive to solve my problem after only a few days of training! She was shocked that the union chose to strike, sure that the economy would convince the workers to settle. She and her husband are in an income bracket where she has long ago forgotten that "settling" can really cause hardships.