Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Postcard challenge book - and NYC photos

For 2012 ... I'm doing a postcard challenge sponsored by Darcy at Art and Sole - a weekly postcard conversation we have between two imaginary characters, based on the idea in the Griffin and Sabine books by Nick Bantock.  You can read about the entire project (and I hope you'll join in too, because it will be so fun to see everyone's postcards each week) at this link:  Art and Sole

I made the book using instructions I found through Darcy's site, making a few adjustments to my own, and using one of my favorite heavy-duty herringbone folders as the outside cover.  Each one of the signatures pulls out to hold four postcards, one for each week of the month.  

My imaginary characters who will be sending postcards back and forth are:
Luca Cabrera - 498 Broome St., New York, NY  10013
Luca is an artist who lives in the SoHo section of New York City.He believes that people spend too much time thinking about art and that they should instead by creating - that there is nothing else nearly as important as the act of painting to discover what is to be found in the canvas.

And Fiona Byrne, 45 Twig Lane, Bedford Massachusetts
Fiona is a writer who lives in a small town in a 300 year old house in the town of Bedford, MA.  She lives in an upstairs room of a boarding house, filled with nooks and crannies and with a writing desk nestled into a dormer that faces out onto Twig Lane, where she watches the world go by as she writes and dreams of a romantic life in a far away place.

I have no idea what they'll say to each other.  Can't wait to find out!!

And finally, saying goodbye to 2011 -- the year of Charlie Sheen's madness, Osama bin Laden's demise, Anthony Weiner's "outing," the Occupy movement and losing Steve Jobs.  Here are some photos I just took up the street from me at 8th Ave and 49th Street.  Everyone is feeling jovial right now,

 Party horns are blaring, and more than enough alcohol has been consumed.  (I still don't know where people to go use a bathroom...

Barricades are set up to organize all the visitors...

And streets all around -- in places that will NEVER see the ball drop -- are full of happy celebrations.

To my friends who had a tough 2011 (you know who you are), I wish you and all of us a happier, brighter 2012, full of health and joy.  I salute your courage in the face of adversity and I want you to know you are my heroes.

Onward and upward!!  


Janet Ghio said...

Happy new year Teri! Looking forward to the adventures of your post card characters! I shudder to think where all the revelers us the bathroom!!

getawayhouse said...

This is so cool Teri! Keep us updated on what they say... we can live vicariously too. The pics are so cool. I am watching on tv right now.

So neat you got to Regis too. cool job!


Tammy Freiborg said...

Thanks for sharing the info on BAJ; I'm going to join the challenge too. I love your book; I may copy the twelve signatures idea.

Holli said...

Great photos!! You know I how much I love my touristy shots... LOL

I can't wait to hear what your two people have to say to each other as well... I'm already hoooked!

Elena said...

I am doing this project too!!! Can't wait to see the stories that develop! I didn't know she had a journal tutorial to hold the postcards! On my way to check it out . Happy New Year my friend! You have been one of 2011s blessings in my life!

Thauna said...

Happy New Year Teri!!! I've read the books, so unique and fun...can't wait to follow your journey and see what unfolds. xo

Monica said...

Best wishes Teri.

Aimeslee said...

Beautiful art, Teri. Wishing you a beautiful 2012. xoxo

craftyM said...

Terri- Did you use envelopes or file folders for the pages of your postcard journal. I can't tell, but it looks like file folders from one of the photos.... just wondering. I'm anxious to see what you do with the postcards. That was supposed to start today, right? Will be watching to see your postcards, so please post.

Lizzi said...

You had me at the folders.

I love the Griffin and Sabine books and can only think your postcard tales will be awesome!

Cynthia said...

Love your book and your characters are intriguing. I lived the next town over from Bedford, a lovely place with lots of history. Thanks for the pix of happy people. May your New Year be awesome.