Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Weekend

I had a busy weekend experimenting with art -- drawing and painting mostly.   

I watched a movie about Jean-Paul Basquiat and thought about how complete creative brilliance is such a delicate dance between inspiration and insanity.  I don't know if it takes bravery or just complete abandon to open one's mind that much.

 We also watched the second installment of the Showtime series The Borgias.  The costumes and lighting were so inspiring -- I find myself wanting to draw and paint Renaissance people.  

At Women and Books we are about to read These is My Words (for May). Come join us!

Love is strange and mysterious, 
just like jelly beans.

Shadow and light in acrylics

 Kim Klassen magic textures on a
Magnolia Bakery shot

Practicing watercolor

Pencil Sketch
Girl with Headband

"Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields...Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness."
-Mary Oliver

Lizzi and Thauna at Besprinkled, asked 
for a list of five things for which we are grateful.

I'm grateful for the love of my family and friends; without them I would be nothing.  I'm grateful for each sunrise and each sunset.  I'm grateful for animals and children--their honesty makes my heart smile.  I'm grateful for people who are kind, when life is unexpectedly generous to anyone, and for butterflies, who are born from tiny cocoons and learn to soar.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing with Photoshop

I love playing with the effects I can get with Photoshop.  Below is my original journal page.

This is the same page but with a Black and White film filter.

 Here it is again, this time with a crumple filter

This is a television filter. It's meant to be horizontal, 
but I like the distortion when it's vertical.

 This is a bottle collage, made with layers, texture and opacity changes.  I 
made this one as a reflection after the Triangle fire centennial.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shrinky Dinks

Aren't these great?  You can use them as necklace or bracelet charms, or even hang them from the edges of your handmade books!

Have you played with Shrinky Dinks lately?

First there were the Shrinkies you played with as a kid.  Then there were the ones you (may have) played with as an adult, where you drew pictures onto the film,  colored them in with markers or colored pencils, punched a hole or two, and heated in your oven or with a heat gun.  Now you can print them out on your ink jet printer, cut out and shrink away.  The possibilities are endless, including printing out photos, clip art, and words.

For the printed version, you need to use specially treated film sold by Shrinkydinks (the regular Shrinky film won't work for printers) and lighten your image by reducing the opacity to about 60%. (It darkens when it shrinks).   You can get the inkjet printer film at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, or online.

If you don't want to do the work of preparing images yourself, you can get some terrific PDFs from Country Living magazine:  

I used these to make the charms at the top of this post with great success!

This will give you some idea of how much they shrink.  

Let me know if you try them and how it goes.