Friday, July 22, 2011

Triptych - finished at last!!

This piece is 24" high and a total of 48" long.  It is a combination of acrylic paint and oil pastel.The title is "Progress." I underpainted most of the background using a knife, then layered over that with stenciling methods I learned at a very inspiring workshop with Lynne Perrella last spring.  

While I was working on this, I was thinking about conditions for women throughout history and specifically about how WWII changed things for many women in Japan, and here as well.   It's meant to speak to the movement of women into a new societal position after that time.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vintage July 4th photos and a link to a great story

I dug these two photos out of  "the vault:"  My sister and two brothers on a July 4th, 1956.  That's my dad sitting behind them. The Independence Day parade in Plainfield, NJ was 3 hours long - HUGE - and we loved every minute of it. (I couldn't attend this particular one, as I wasn't born yet.)

And here is my sister (same little girl above) ten years later as a finalist in the town's Miss Independence pageant.  She's in the second row up, center (between the blonde and the girl with the hairband).  Who knew she'd be starring in the parade one day?

It's fun to look back on those days. I can almost smell the charcoal of the barbecue dad was firing up in the back yard!

My friend Lisa over at Lit and Life has posted a super interesting Independence Day story. She begins her post this way...
Today, as we in the United States of America celebrate our independence, I thought I would share with you the speech my father will be giving this morning. Two years ago, I told you about the Fourth of July breakfast that my parents started n their neighborhood in 1976. That breakfast continues to this day, and to this day my American History teacher dad teaches the attendees something new about the reason we celebrate this day.

Go on over for a quick read, and you'll really feel patriotic.