Friday, February 17, 2012

Five on Friday

I think I'm a little addicted to Pinterest, in the nicest possible way.  Do you pin?

I love to leave my house for a minute  (like to take out the garbage) and then come right back in.  My dog gives me such a big greeting.  Hello!!  You're back!!  So happy!!

 I try to remember not to have a New Jersey accent, but it's so hard to say CAHfee instead of CAWfee, and besides it sounds so ridiculous coming out of my NY/NJ mouth.   "Bring me my CAFfee, DAHling."

Why does my cat need to sit right in the middle of the pile I'm working on? Is he trying to be annoying? Because he's succeeding.

Tonight I found out my daughter is pregnant with a baby boy. I'm beyond thrilled for her and her husband.  wow wow wow.  Her father and I said, "Wasn't it just yesterday we were the young and wild kids, dating? How did it happen that we're turning into granny and gramps?"


Monica said...

congratulations you sound over the moon.

Holli said...

I'm SO happy for you all... that's one lucky baby boy!!

Kitty sits in the middle of everything I'm doing too. Drives me crazy.

I love that you have that accent... we need to Skype or I need to get out there to visit so I can hear it!! LOL

thepinkrachael said...

I love going out and straight back in too, there's no big greeting, but something about it makes me feel I've accomplished something - small things, eh?! Made me smile reading about your accent - I can't imagine how you sound!
And I am compeltely made up for you and your daughter and your whole family - so glad all is going well :)

Cynthia said...

You are too funny. Animals are human, I think, just in a different form. Just want to be loved and the center of your world. Congratulations, granny! What joy.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Realized I need to add more info on my postcards.

Lisa said...

I love Pinterest and I pin a lot. My problem is that I forget to ever go back and look at what I've pinned! I've got a lot of recipes and craft ideas that would be great to try if I just remembered to look them up!

jaeartworks said...

Oh Congrats on the grandbaby boy!

Aimeslee said...

Congrats, how cool to find out it is a boy! xoxo

Caatje said...

I love pinterest. I love the idea of having a pinboard without actually having a pinboard where I can just quickly store the images I like.

Cats just have this tendency to sit where our attention is. I think it's because they want the attention for themselves. My cat always manoeuvres himself in such a way every morning that I have the tiniest space to writ while he rubs his face against mine over and over again. It's very cute, but it makes for troublesome writing.

And of course many congratulations on the coming of a grandson. How wonderful!

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am still waiting for my invite - 3 months later - to Pinterest. I do love the brief glimpses I have had.