Friday, March 2, 2012

Five on Friday

I’m a little obsessed with the photo apps on my iPhone and feeling just a touch guilty turning a poorly composed photo into something that looks pretty good -- deliberately scratched, aged, tinted or framed.  I feel like I need a disclaimer that informs people my photo started out badly.  (ProCamera, Camera+, Pic Grunger, Instagram.)

I’ve given up on winter. No snow in sight.  But if I put my snow boots and mittens away we’ll get hammered, so I’m holding tight.  (You can thank me later.)

Celestial Seasons Devonshire English Breakfast Tea. My new favorite.

Someone once told me, "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."  I can't tell you how many times that advice has worked for me.

My daughter is pregnant, so I've been hearing about baby names.   In 2011, favorite names for girls were Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, and Ava. (Very movie star retro, no?)  For boys, Mason was number one  (really? Mason?),  followed by Liam, Noah, Ethan and Jacob.    I guess the Joshua, Jason and Jeremy trend of the 80's - when I had kids - has finally ended. 


thepinkrachael said...

I love the way photo apps make my pics look half decent! I'd never get through Project365 otherwise! and I think that's a great piece of advice too, though it's usually too late when I think of it!

Brenda said...

"Old fashioned" names are making a comeback!

I take bad pictures and turn them into pretty nice ones with Mac Photoshop or whatever it is.

I call it airbrushing! Do you think Oprah looks that good when a professional takes her photo?

I got you covered on no snow. We bought a snow blower this year! Best $700 we ever invested! No snow all year. Love it. Just one inch or two. But there is always March, hence I call my blog My Spring Snow. The worst blizzards come in March.

Lisa said...

I really quite love the names that are the tops names for girls for 2011. Unfortunately, those little girls will grow up soon enough and we'll all be sick of those names in 15 years!

Oh, that piece of advice! I tell that to my kids all of the time. Of course, I only really understood it after I was out of college (hence I once danced in a fountain in front of the state capital after a Nebraska football game!)

teri said...

Brenda - thank you! I didn't want snow this year anyway. :-)

Lisa - SHUT UP! You did NOT dance in that fountain! Just like Catherine in the Fellini film? I want to do that.

Trece said...

Thanks for the head's up on the tea. I haven't bought new tea in months!!

Holli said...

I love the girl's names that are making a comeback.... beautiful :) I take way too many pics with my iPhone now and not enough with my real camera. It's getting bad.

PS. Check out the Snapseed app. You'll love it!

Thauna said...

I am addicted to Instagram...I love it. Sometimes I hope for a red light so I can instagram something.

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Love your shots Teri, I say yes to Instagram, Snapseed, Photoshop.. I have them all. :) I look at it this way, if I am taking a pic with my phone, it is quick and there is little time to think it thru. Those shots often need help. The result is a creative moment that is treasured. Something moved you take each image...that is special in itself. I think random can be the most creative, put them all together and you will see what I mean. :)

Names are not my strength, my four children' have four names each! Decisions..decisions..:)

Jeanne xx

Brenda said...

In Philly, when I was a teenager and I still think now it is quite common to jump in the fountain on the Parkway and splash around. I have done it. The police probably yell though.

Once my friend and I took green and red food dye and went to a fountain in center city with the intent of dying the water, but we drank beer instead and at ice cream and never had the nerve to do.

Glad we didn't, later someone did and they were furious!

BTW, I threw up too. Never could hold my liquor. BUT not in the fountain.

Oh the good old days.

Brenda said...

There is a little third grader at school. Her name is Pearl. When I received her registration, I said she is either black or Jewish b/c no one names their children Pearl.

She is a little Jewish girl,and her name suits her well!

My daughter is named Lillian, and older grandmotherly black women would always stop me and compliment her name. I have only known two other people named Lillian in my life. One was an black woman who lived on my block, and the other was a teenage, gorgeous bombshell Italian girl who went to my high school.

My daughter loves her name. We call her Lillie for short.

teri said...

Brenda, what a rabble rouser you were!

On a dare, my husband and a friend once did something similar with laundry detergent. This must be a teenage phase kids go through.

I remember my son's friends used to take "For Sale" signs off lawns and reposition them in new neighborhoods. (My son claims HE never did it.)

Aimeslee said...

From my non-iphone pov, all those apps seem addictive and time-consuming to me. But what do I know?

As far as the girls' names, looks like it is wise to end the name with an a... winkwink.

Thanks for the advice you've been giving me on the watercoloring. If only I could do it, I'd be thrilled...sigh. Will keep trying.


Caatje said...

I'm in love with my photo apps too (well, actually I just use one, but it has about ten different settings, so that helps). I love the image of the underground!