Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry Party Wednesday

I love the imagery in this poem. I can almost hear a quiet clock ticking in the background, morning sun slanting in through the kitchen window.  Domestic animals are very clever, aren't they, to live this life and allow us to love them.


Salt shining behind its glass cylinder.
Milk in a blue bowl. The yellow linoleum.
The cat stretching her black body from the pillow.
The way she makes her curvaceous response to the small, kind gesture.
Then laps the bowl clean.
Then wants to go out into the world
where she leaps lightly and for no apparent reason across the lawn,
then sits, perfectly still, in the grass.
I watch her a little while, thinking:
what more could I do with wild words?
I stand in the cold kitchen, bowing down to her.
I stand in the cold kitchen, everything wonderful around me.

Mary Oliver


Aimeslee said...

Isn't it fascinating how as we get older, our most satisfying pleasures are the basics of our lives, the hidden moments? xoxo

Elizabeth Golden said...

Beautiful poem, so full of imagery. Thank you for sharing.

Holli said...

Fantastic poem!