Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quote Me Wednesday - Kids, and a Diaper Cake

I get lost on Pinterest. I go from pin to pin like a bee on a mad dash for honey, and time goes by waaay too quickly for me.  I "pin" now and then, "repin" a lot, and "like" with abandon.  I often pin quotes that inspire me, so it's no surprise that the thing I've posted that has been most repinned is a quote -- this one:  

Yes, that's my quote for this week. Hope none of my readers are language offended, but this quote is just too salty-sweet to resist sharing here.

And since we're on the subject of toddlers, I thought I'd post some pictures of the Diaper Cake I made for my daughter's shower, in case anyone would like to make one themselves.  I browsed all over the internet and modified things to make what I thought was the easiest and cutest cake ever made from disposable diapers.  It kind of has the look of a fondant frosting.  Below are pics, with a simple description, but if you have specific questions, email me directly.

This is the finished cake.  Ta-da!!

I used size 1 and newborn diapers. Get a round cake plate
or cut a piece of cardboard for the base. Roll two diapers 
together jelly-roll style and secure with a small elastic.  
Repeat and repeat until you have a nice little circle of
diapers that will fit your cake plate. Put an elastic around the 
whole deal, and then wrap with tissue paper, securing with tape.

You want to put something around the outside of this, to give it a finished
look.  I started with ribbon but it wasn't wide enough, so then I cut 
scrapbook paper, taped sections together, and taped that around the layer.

Repeat this process for the middle layer, but make
it smaller than the bottom one.  You know, like
that guy on Cake Boss.

I used big packing tape to tape the bottom layer to the plate, the middle layer
to the bottom layer, and when I made my top layer, to secure that one, too.  
If you go back up to my top picture, you'll notice that I cut the tissue paper
open on that top layer so people could see there were diapers inside -- because 
it looked so good my husband thought people would think it was really the cake, 
and I would get no credit for all my work!  

Next week - a diaper burp cloth tutorial!  Gee, I feel myself growing younger
in my old age...


Caatje said...

That quote is priceless!
My sister says that one of the coolest things of being a grandmother is having an excuse now to play with toys again. She now finally has the dolls house she always wanted cause she bought it for her granddaughter. ;-)

Lizzi said...

So love that quote!!

Unknown said...

Love the quote. I see a certain someone was helping with the cake. He likes to be involved in things.

Monica said...

So that's where all the quotes are coming from. i like yours Teri.

Lisa said...

Love that quote! I had my great niece over to play the other day & found myself pretending to be an audience member at a bubble show. Waving my arm like a damned fool to be "picked" to come up on stage. In my own front yard. Nothing like a kid to remind you how to be one!

thepinkrachael said...

I was wondering what a diaper cake was (I have to admit, it didn't sound so appealing!!) - what a good idea! LOVE that quote - I needed a smile this evening, and that has given me it!

Aimeslee said...

Adorable, Teri, very sweet, xoxo

Liz Deck said...

You are going to LOVE this Grandma thing!!!
It is the best.
I have 3/4 here this weekend.

Thauna said...

I think that's the best diaper cake I've seen! Very cute! I love the quote, I think I need to go look up some brotips...funny stuff.

Thyme (Sarah) said...

Cute! cute! cute! from the quote at the top to the adorable, creative, fabulous diaper cake!

Holli said...

I freaking love that quote.. hilarious! Your diaper cake was awesome Teri. You did a perfect job!