Monday, August 13, 2012

A baby quilt while I was waiting

Waiting for a baby is very stressful!  Along the way, I did a lot of creating, some of it with the help of my good friends.  Thus, my first ever pieced crib quilt, created under the supervision of my good friend Shirley.  

To make this quilt, you need four patterns of fabric - two for the quilt squares, one for the border, and one for the backing.  My daughter asked for something in green for the baby, so these are the fabrics I chose.

The basic pattern is cutting squares and strips, and sewing them together "log cabin style" (I learned this) to form the main pieces of the quilt.  Cutting the fabric and sewing these together was easy and orderly and very satisfying. You create something very nice without a lot of stress.   You can see by these two pictures that I created two different squares, with alternate centers.

You sew all those squares together, first horizontally and then vertically.  And then you sew a contrasting border around the entire thing, put a piece of quilt batting behind it, and your backing fabric behind that.  Then you machine stitch over all the seams to quilt it.

It ends up looking like this:

And your cat will love it as much as the baby.

Many, many thanks to Shirley for helping me pick the fabric, sharing her wonderful pattern, and cheering me on every step of the way.  If you would like a copy of her PDF, email me privately.


Eileen Bellomo said...

I am really impressed. And I love the fabric you chose.

Janet Ghio said...

Love the bright colors!

Unknown said...

Roan says, "Ha, me first on the quilt. Yay ya!"

Monica said...

The first, does that mean more are on the way?
it is gorgeous.

Patzee said...

You do make this look easy. The colors are wonderful. Great job all around! Another talent has been added to your vast repertoire!

craftyM said...

Beautiful quilt, Teri! I, too, have a good friend Shirley who is a whiz of a seamstress. She helps me with all my fabric projects and I feel like a clutz with a needle and thread. Don't know what we would do without the wonderful Shirley's of the world!!!! Your quilt looks like a pro did it!!!!

goodling4 said...

I remember my Mom cracking an entire huge bag of walnuts when given the news I was in labor. She lived hours away and came after. Looks like all that energy you had produced an award winning quilt, Teri! Love those gators, especially the one with the bird on it's back. Such great news that Liam is finally here!
you'll be the best GMA ever!
XXO Gina

Holli said...

Very beautiful....