Friday, August 10, 2012

Five on Friday- The Baby Edition

Perfect timing for Five on Friday-- my first grandchild is finally on the way!!  My daughter is in labor righ now, and she's beyond the 5 cm mark  So for today, five things I love about children.

1.  They say the best stuff. Just today I heard a mother correct her daughter for burping loudly in a restaurant and the little girl said, very reasonably,  "Mommy, I couldn't help it. I opened my mouth to take a sip of my drink and it just came out by itself."

2.  No matter what they're like when they're awake, they looking like little angels when they sleep.

3.  I love when kids toss their little heads while speaking.  It reminds me of Paul McCartney singing I wanna hold your HAND...

4.  Kids have no compunctions about grabbing both your cheeks and yelling into your face when they want your attention. Mom-my I said let's go to the park.

5.  They ask the best what if and why questions, like "Why are your nostrils different sizes.".

All my love to ally, bill and my future grandson!  What do you love about kids?


thepinkrachael said...

Haha, love this - especially numbers 1 and 5. sure i'll be back to add to it, but for now...YAY! So excited for you all, and sending super positive hope-it-all-goes-smoothly thoughts to your daughter. Love to all.x

Janet Ghio said...

Congratulations Teri! Exciting time for your family. Is this your first grandchild?

Thauna said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you. You know that the past 3.3 years have been the best for me and I'm so glad to have you join the Nana/Grandma club. So, so happy for Ally and her hubby. What a fun time for you all. Lots of love and hugs!!!

Trece said...

Hooray for baby on the way!! Praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery. Any word on Aileen?

Purrplekatt said...

How exciting Teri! :) Love numbers 4 and 5. So true.

Lisa said...

Just today I was in Target & a little girl was whining because her mom wouldn't buy strawberry ice cream. Then her mom said, "What if we buy vanilla ice cream and we get strawberry syrup?" That little girl's eyes got huge, she gasped and finally said "that is the best idea ever!" Miss H and I both laughed out loud.

I absolutely agree with #2. When my kids were little I was always going in to kiss them goodnight again before I went to bed and they were asleep. I had a hard time leaving their rooms every night!

I used to call Mini-me my "what if" bird. He has really never outgrown that - he is still always wanting to learn more, to get answers.

Congrats to Ally & Bill!

jaeartworks said...

I love their honesty (even when it's brutal!) So exciting...Congratulations!!!

Holli said...