Saturday, August 4, 2012

Five on Friday

I'm aware it's Saturday as I post this.

And yes, I'm Olympics obsessed.  Here we go...

1.  The U.S. girls gymnastics team fake hugs look like robots trying to do a standing Heimlich maneuver. I've been assigning point scores to their techniques.

2.  The male swimmers and their pushed down trunks definitely have my attention.  Point scored.

3.  I wouldn't have minded if Ryan Lochte wore his red, white and blue, diamond-studded grill on the awards podium, how about you?  I'm kinda sad they would ban that. What's next - no flava flav clocks on the podium, either?

4.  I agree following Gabby Douglas' gold medal victory and Bob Costas' heartfelt tribute with the monkey doing gymnastics commercial was a piece of ill timing - but it was a MISTAKE.  I cannot believe anyone would actually think that stupidity would have been done intentionally.

5.  I saw a picture of an Olympian who won a medal in fencing wearing his on the subway. Or underground. Or the tube.  Whatever it's called in London. I thought that was a great idea.  Otherwise, its like people who are always saving their good china for special occasions and never use it.  I say wear those medals when you put out the garbage, and when you go to church or temple, and even at the grocery store.

Here's my 19-year old cat trying out
some Olympic moves:

The twist and jerk

The sit and stare


Janet Ghio said...

Your cat is too funny! He wins my gold medal!

Monica said...

What a gorgeous kitty. personally the male gymnasts blow my mind.

Joni James said...

Your cat is 19?? That surprises me. I think your cat should win a gold medal for the longest living feline ever!

Eileen Bellomo said...

Chris definitely gets the gold, but don't tell Rowan I said so.
Yep, the male swimmers are attention worthy, but I can't help wondering about all the time spent on hair removal.
Actually I think my favorite American athletes are the beach volleyball duo. Mainly because they're not 16.

Dortesjs said...

awww so adorable and cute

Caatje said...

I don't follow the olympics and I don't really care about the olympics, but your there's an athlete! ;-)