Sunday, November 25, 2012

Secret Santa 2012

My online art journal group, Blissfully Art Journaling, is having a secret santa swap.  There's a $5 limit on what we can spend, and it should be handmade in some way --  the perfect opportunity to get creative plus use some things in my stash!

I started with a leather journal that I found among my piles of books I bought some time ago but hadn't used. It was very well made but the cover was so plain, and I'm sure that's why I hadn't used it.  Something I could improve upon!

To decorate the cover, I used some vintage lace, adhered with therm-o-web red tape sheets.  I had a tag I'd made last year with a favorite photo of a little girl and her doll, and I adhered that with the red tape, also.  A thin lace ribbon ties it all together.

I created tip-ins of journal paper, sewing across the middle to create tag pockets.  I trimmed some pages in the front of the journal to within about an inch to give me an edge to glue the tip ins.

After gluing, I decorated these pages with washi tape and images I've saved from favorite magazines.  Then I created six small, beribboned tags, one for each pocket, with a bit of decoration and enough room for my secret friend to write quotes or notes.

Since so many people are thwarted by not knowing what to write in their journals, I typed out and printed several pages of my favorite journal prompts and glued one onto every page in the first half of the book.  I included an envelope with many more prompts for her to choose from in finishing the book.

I hope my secret santa friend enjoys using this journal as much as I enjoyed creating it.  She'll find out very soon who she is, as I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow!!

I'm going to attempt to put the journal prompt pages in my sidebar.  If you don't see them there, that means I wasn't successful - but if you would like a copy, email me and I'll send them to you.


Lisa said...

Love this! If I had a journal this beautiful I'd leave it out and remember to write in it!

Janet Ghio said...

Lucky receiver of this gift. What kinds of things are you doing in blissfully art journaling now?

Holli said...

Perfect gift, she should love it :)

kareninkenai said...

Very creative idea Teri - I would love getting the prompts via EMail... thanks ahead of time. Karen ( Also love Liam in the photo - very special ).

cmoh said...

Your person is going to love this! Somewhere along the lines I totally spaced the rules and stuffed my box full of goodies. I just hope the meager homemade item I did is received as well as yours.

I love it!

thepinkrachael said...

this si gorgeous Teri - whoever gets it will be thrilled I bet! I'd love your prompt list to try and kickstart my journalling again? As always when I get a bit down, it's the first thing to go, even though I know it should be the only thing I keep myself doing as it makes me feel better!