Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Hands Have It

Continuing on my week of art posts, here are the hands I created for a swap with some friends. There were no rules other than to do what you want, and since I couldn't decide whether I wanted to collage and paint or to doodle/zentangle, I decided to do both -- one on each side of the hand.

Acrylic Paint, then images, stenciled paint and portfolio crayons rubbed in along image edges.

Close up

Another close up

Flip side - doodles using black gesso, souffle pens and black markers.

Hope you're enjoying seeing what my Muse is inspiring!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walls Book

In yet another group to which I belong, I made several different Walls book graffiti pages.  

All right, they're not exactly the kind of graffiti you see on road sides.  But
it's my kind, anyway.

This is a two-page spread, with some letter art.

 Another favorite quote

 A mixture of collage, hand drawing, and a fun quote

 Who doesn't like the Blues Brothers?  A hand-cut stencil

Another hand-cut stencil. I'm sure you know who this is.

I've been loving working in these Wall Books.  If you don't have one yet, you should get it and try it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Altered Paintbrush Mini Journal

And here it is - the altered paintbrush mini journal.  I love journaling, so I followed instructions in Cloth, Paper Scissors "Pages," Issue 2 to remove the brush bristles and insert paper pages instead.
 I put some of my favorite quotes on the first few pages and left some blank for the recipient (this is for a swap) to include some of her own favorites.  
 Rather than painting the brush, I used Mod Podge to glue some pretty tissue paper on to the wooden handle. I used sprays through stencils to add color on the pages, and adhered blue gingham ribbon on part of the metal band.

Happy word painting!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Artful Days

It was a busy summer
and I didn't have much time for art.
(But I was doing important things, like
waiting for my grandson!)

I'm trying to make up for that now.

So I'll be posting a little something each day
for the next few days.
Hope you'll be amused!
Here's the first one~~

 For today, images of a 4"x4" themed swap with other art friends. The theme was mail art.
 The background is the Ranger distress pads. I flick water onto the surface first, then rub the ink over it.  That creates the dark blobs. Then I flick water on top of that, which creates the light flecks.  Fun! 
  The dragonfly is black embossing powder, and I painted it various shades of twinkling H2Os.  More fun!  

 Finally, the reverse features a tiny envelope, with a little note inside containing a quote about dragonflies.  The hand on top of the envelope is half of a Leonardo DaVinci stamp (you know, the Creation stamp?)

Boy, that was so much fun.  Tomorrow - an altered paintbrush. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arting With Friends

Recently I've had the opportunity to attend some wonderful classes at a new studio space here in New York City.  Little Bird Creations, by Michelle Luxenbourg, has hosted several wonderful teachers already.

Two weeks ago I had two fun days with Ingrid Dijkers, making one of her fabulous tunnel books

and a 3-ring binder journal with a darker theme.

Ingrid is a fabulous teacher. This is my second set of workshops with her. The first was at Elena's Keys 4 Art retreat two years ago, when we created an over the edge book.

(All three of the images, above, are Ingrid's work, not mine.  Just haven't gotten around to photographing mine yet, but they're very similar.)

Last night we were treated to a workshop by Seth Apter of The Altered Page, called Text Tiles.  These were made with multiple layers of media applied to cradled wood , and we had so much fun working on them.  Here is a picture of mine, now proudly displayed by my front door.

I love arting around with friends!!!