Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tattered Cuffs

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for a week in Key Largo, time to spend relaxing and creating art with my dear friends -- and thanks in very, VERY large part to Elena, who makes it all happen every year.

I wanted to make something for each woman attending, and since I love sewing, I thought something shabby, lacy, and unique was in order - so I created these tattered cuffs as gifts.  I used soft 'n warm as a base, covered with fabric (some of which I printed myself with soy wax resist), embellished with sari ribbon, lace, charms, buttons, fabric flowers, and anything else that asked to be included - and each cuff has an elastic loop and button closure.  

I hope everyone likes theirs.


Monica said...

How lovely they will love them.

Eileen Bellomo said...

You are so funny. Like them? We'll LOVE them!
See you at the airport!

Janet Ghio said...

I'm sure your friends wil love the cuffs! Have fun in florida!

jgr said...

Oh Yes!! They will LOVE the cuffs, so beautiful and unique. Have a wonderful trip.

Lisa said...

These are fantastic, Teri! I'm sure everyone will love them. I know how much you enjoy this trip; have a great time!

kareninkenai said...

Teri, what a great job... and, what fun to have a week of play with creative spirits. Enjoy. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

Socrates said...

These cuffs are just fantastic, all individual, all special. Have a great week.

Jillayne said...

These are gorgeous Teri! What a thoughtful thing to do - especially so many of them - they are truly little works of art.
I hope you have a wonderful time!

Karen said...

I love my cuff. Thanks so much! Enjoyed spending time with you this week. Can't wait to next year in Cuba!

Caatje said...

Oh wow! Those are so beautiful. I'm jealous of those lucky women who received one.

Jennifer R.D. said...

I absolutely LOVE my beautiful handmade cuff!
I will think of you whenever I wear it.
Thanks Blondie!
Jen oxox

Jennifer R.D. said...

Teri, I absolutely LOVE my beautiful handmade cuff.
I will think of you whenever wear it.
Thanks Blondie!
Jen oxox