Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm embarrassed to say how much I enjoyed About Time with Rachael McAdams and Bill Nighy.   Since the conceit of time travel in love stories isn't unique in plot lines, I was prepared for the possibility of a snorefest.  Instead, I was hooked from the beginning and stayed in throughout the movie. Beautifully filmed and unabashedly sincere, what I enjoyed most was seeing the loving, mature relationship between this father and son who clearly adore each other.  Don't worry about what the pundits say -- drag the guys in your life to see it. You won't be disappointed.

And one more movie in my Friday Five -- The Book Thief. If you are like me and hesitate seeing movie versions of books you love, this could be the exception.  It's faithful in all the right parts, veers in a few places that wouldn't translate well, and the acting is exactly what you'd expect from Geoffrey Rush: funny, quirky, passionate, bewildered and loving.  The cobblestoned streets and frosted windows of the little German village call to mind the beauty and horror that lived side by side, and we're reminded throughout that victims and heroes were everywhere.

Back in real life and real time...I have so many friends coming to New York City for the holidays. If you are looking to get in out of the cold for a light meal, try Buvette in the West Village.  Grab one of their small tables or a seat at the bar and breathe in the sweet, buttery smell of fresh-baked pastry.  It's one of my favorite places for lunch. The tables are small and close and they can't accommodate large groups, so this is a spot to visit with just a friend or two.

And I'm staying busy with artwork, as always -- below are some photos of pages I made for a fabric book round robin group. The theme for the book was Boticelli, and I used fabric coated with gel medium, gesso and acrylic paints to reproduce the fresco effect of the Sistine Chapel. I found some matching velvet and embroidered trims in the garment district, with the help of my friend Rosie and my dog Dewey (who loves his girl), making it another fun NYC excursion.

And before Halloween turns to Thanksgiving and Christmas, here are my three grandsons dressed in their Halloween finery. The twins are almost 3 months old already, and you can see how much big brother Liam already adores them.  Next year at this time there will be three little pumpkins running around the pumpkin patch.

Hope you're enjoying your fall!!


Janet Ghio said...

I definitely want to see The Book thief and wish I lived near that restaurant-sounds very nice and the photo of the babies--darling!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the movie tips - they are both movies I have had some hesitation about going to. Oh. My. God. How adorable are your babies?! Liam is getting so big already!

Pam said...

Just saw the trailer for The Book Thief and that's on my "to see" list. Grandchildren are adorable. If I were in NYC I'd take you to lunch!!

Chris Flynn said...

Hi Terri! I'm so glad I subscribe to get your posts via eamil. Your little pumpkins are so ADORDABLE! Please keep posting their snazzy snap shots! Many blessings, and best wishes for an amazing holiday season with your sweet family!
xoxo Chris

Happy Homemaker UK said...

The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all time. The film isn't playing in England yet, and I really have mixed feelings about seeing it. Nice to know it translated well to film.

Eileen Bellomo said...

Gorgeous journal page and even more gorgeous grandsons!

thyme Sarah said...

My son's book club book for this month is "The Book Thief". I saw the trailer for it and it looks ssoooo good. Your tiny tot grandsons are adorable. How fun will Halloweens be with those three.

jaeartworks said...

Great post! That's interesting to hear you liked About Time so much. It really does look kind of boring from the previews. I will definitely have to watch it now. And the babies are all adorable. What a fun holiday season you will have!