Monday, July 29, 2013

Five on Friday...on Monday

Waiting - Every week my daughter gives me an update on the size of the twins she's carrying. This week (33 weeks) they are pineapples.  Without the greenery on top, presumably.

Reading - Need a suggestion for a good book?  I often find great recommendations here:      And yes, I'm STILL reading Hawaii...

Watching - Fun summer movie:  Pacific Rim.  Sci fi, action, loud ... all the things I don't love... yet I enjoyed it.  Wear your earplugs and bring the popcorn.

Also watching - Hells Kitchen ended and he got it right with the winner as his next head chef.  Now we're watching Food Network Star and Project Runway.    I'm also loving Magic City, set in Miami/Cuba 1950s. Love the clothing and the cars!!  What's your favorite summer show? 

Remembering - An ice cream memory:  Growing up, the favorite flavor in my house was buttered pecan.  My parents would go shopping on Wednesday nights and they'd bring home 1/2 gallon, the kind in a square shape. There were 4 kids in my family, so my parents would slice the block into 6 (mine being the thinnest since I was the youngest) and we'd each get that slab and eat it quick.  There was no such thing as having a single scoop now and then in my house, because one of my brothers would almost undoubtedly have snuck into the freezer later and eaten any leftovers...  We once tried making our own ice cream with one of those hand crank machines, lots of ice, and rock salt.  I don't remember how it turned out, but I'm going to guess we all ate it quickly, LOL  What's your favorite flavor?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Fondly remembering all the things we did on the trip, and especially the wonderful opportunity I had to meet my Hawaiian art sisters in Honolulu. It was so great to attend their monthly meeting while I was there and to finally meet all the wonderful ladies in person.  Here's a link to their blog, where you can see all the pages done by this creative group, month by month:

My friend Lorena is wearing leis in the picture below because she celebrated her birthday just days before this meeting, and yes -- Hawaiians really do wear leis.  One thing I discovered when Lorena gave me my own fresh flower lei:  you don't need any perfume when wearing this around your neck.  All night long the heavenly scent of (in my case) hibiscus perfumes the air.

Re-reading Hawaii by James Michener.  I first read this book probably 15 years ago and loved it so much.  After being in the islands, I wanted to revisit the book to see if my perspective had changed, and I'm enjoying it in a whole new way.  Do you have any books you've re-read, and if so, why?

Looking forward to the new season of Project Runway!  Wish I could take part in an activity like that.  Not competing - just doing one of those activities...

Loving meeting up with friends who are visiting New York on vacation.  Even though we've had a heat wave in the city, seeing my pals is tres cool.

Eating macarons at the new Laduree store on Madison Avenue is h-e-a-v-e-n.  If you are going to be in Manhattan, you have to go there to sample these tasty treats, in delicious flavors like chocolate hazelnut or raspberry cream.  I bought a dozen to soothe my pregnant daughter's cravings, (as good an excuse as any) and ate the two extras I bought for myself immediately upon exiting the store. Totally decadent and worth every calorie - and the best way to eat them!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Five on...

Yes I know it's not Friday. I'm in a time zone six hours behind my usual Eastern Daylight Savings Time so that's my excuse.

 Hawaii is lovely, but the 10 hour flight is killer, and the movie in the LAX to HI flight was deadly boring--The Quarter, with Phillip Hoffman and Chris Walken. If you're feeling much too happy one day and need something to bring you down from that euphoria, this is the movie for you. You'll soon wish you were in a fugue. 

Did you ever hear of someone who gets seasick from snorkeling?  Right here (hand up, waving sheepishly).  Apparently, floating around on the surface with my head looking down is enough to do it for me. And while I had intended to take scuba lessons while here, that may now be off the table. Still-the water is lovely and the sights don't make me sick at all. 

Are you a vacation relaxer or an ambitious sightseer?  What has been your favorite vacation so far?