Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five On Friday

I’m looking forward to watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, but I’m afraid that once I begin I won’t be able to stop. I’ve heard the second season is just as good as the first.  Every one of the main characters is so well developed – I care about each of them.  But Crazy Eyes? She's the best. 

I’m in after-book limbo again. I keep trying those kindle samples -  you know where you download just a bit of the book? But I just can’t seem to find anything that is both entertaining and intelligent. Got any recommendations? I love historical fiction and biographies.

I have a cat question and I’m posting it here because – well, someone might know the answer. My new, not-so-little ragdoll (six months old) is a sweetheart in every way, but he does something very odd in the early morning hours. In fact, I have to hide under the sheets from him because he is obsessed with ... licking my eyelids. It’s kind of disgusting, I know; definitely annoying. Is there some mommy thing this relates to, like when they do the kneading action?

Speaking of Travel
How do you plan your trips? I like Trip Advisor a LOT -- people (including me) enter all sorts of details and destinations that are so helpful for getting the most fun from your trip.  I also use kayak almost exclusively to find the best airline and even hotel reservations. We once traveled all over Italy without reservations, using the kayak website to book ahead on each leg of the way. Technology is amazing.

And finally…
Curacao…so fun.  Having my husband, kids, grandchildren and friend all together in one place for a week was heaven. We explored caves, visited outdoor green markets, snorkeled, scuba’d and swam all day in a lovely pool off our deck. We took turns cooking delicious meals and going to dinner. We saw green parrots flying freely through the trees and saw a “flamboyance of flamingoes” gathered at the water’s edge.

Ben(center front), Bill, Ally and me. We were wilted by this point - so hot in caves.

Lou and Liam


Rosie with Liam and Noah

One more thing...someone had asked whether I write in my glue book collages. Here is proof. I did these pages for a friend's journal, with a theme of lyrics. The two-page spread and a coordinating tag:

Have a wonderful week!!


Monica said...

you have been busy. have you read'The Immortal life of Henrietta Lack". I found it riveting.

you could always wear a sleeping mask. is it his way of telling you he wants to play or eat or his bowl is not quite full?

Janet Ghio said...

Your trip sounds really wonderful-being with your family and seeing those parrots just flying free! I just finished watching season 2 of Orange is the new black---it doesn't disappoint! i was thinking that crazy eyes was particularly good this season-she should be nominated for some kind of award! I am just finishing up a nonfiction book called 'Alex's Wake". A very sad story of the author's quest to find out what happened to his relatives during the Holocaust--learned a lot about what happened in France that I had never read before. For light reading the #1 Ladies Dective series by Alexander Mc call Smith are delightful books-but start at the beginning of the series.Always love reading your posts!

Brandie said...

Beautiful journal pages and tag! I thought that tag was a bookmark at first and thought 'oooh - I'd love that!' LOL - I can turn anything into something book-related.

Love the vacation pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful and relaxing time!

I've never had the eye lid thing with my cats...just the kneading. I wish I had some insight on it.

I have heard that the Bronze Horseman is a really wonderful historical romance. I haven't read it yet, but I hope to soon.

I am probably the only person who hasn't watched Orange is the New Black and I know I'm missing out!

Purrplekatt said...

My cat Bluemoon tries to clean my hair all the time and I've had both try to lick my eye lids after they sniff them for a while. Lol! I always thought they really might be trying to get my eye ball. They don't do it consistently though. That trip looks fantastic!

Aimeslee said...

Love seeing the vacay pics, glad you had fun. Can't help with the cat and probably not with reading either, since I was almost certain you would like These is my Words. Right now I'm reading Scott Eyman's bio of John Wayne and it is really good altho the book is huge, almost 600 pages of story. My dad loved the new Barbara Stanwyck bio. It's big too. Since it is summer and all, if you are into some pseudo-soft porn set in Victorian England, then check out Mistress By Mistake by Maggie Robinson. The plot and characters are well-crafted. xoxo

teri F said...

Aimeslee I loved These is my Words!! It is the absolute perfect book for me. I read it a while back and maybe will again -- especially when I go to the ranch in Wyoming. I love biographies. John Wayne and Barbara Stanwyck both sound terrific. I'll download the kindle sample and get started. Thanks for the suggestions!

teri F said...

Monica I did read Henrietta lacks. Incredible story and a great pick-- thanks. Janet, thank you for the suggestions. I'll get going on them!

Mrs. Fry said...

OMG! I have been away a long time.
Did your daughter have twins?

I have a new job as the librarian in my elementary school. what a ride! challenging, frustrating, rewarding, exciting. I love it.

check out my blog.

Glad to see you are well, and your family is beautiful! So happy for you Grandmom.