Monday, June 2, 2014

Gluebook Images

I've been making glue books since high school. Often mine had either journaling or poems, along with images and other bits and bobs. Some were lost along the way as I moved from place to place. I wish I still had them. Some have made the moves with me and still contain poems that I wrote or that I saved from magazines.

Anyway, now is now, and I'm still gluing things into books, kind of like collage, I guess.  I thought I'd share some here. I haven't done any journaling on them yet. When I do, I'll post a few.

My friend Pat made this tag.

Those vintage cars were in an Esquire advertisement.

Every now and then I use an actual real-life photo.

I have a thing for doorways

Hope you enjoyed my glue books!


Janet Ghio said...

Do you write on them at some point? like a journal? I have tons of images from magazines etc that are all filed away to use "someday". I will be at leaast 150 years old to use all of them! Maybe i should glue them in a book (or many books as the case would be!)

teri flemal said...

Hi Janet. Thanks for your comment! I do write in them. First I save them because sometimes I print out the pages, cut them up, and re-use stuff. Then I write on them with either journaling or poems or song lyrics.

Aimeslee said...

Teri, I love them all. Saw that you liked one of my pages in the FB Gluebooks group - why aren't you sharing these there as well? xoxo