Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas in New York, First Night

I'm going to try to post as many Christmas in New York photos as I can this year, since it's my last year in Manhattan.  I won't say I'll be posting daily because that's just too much of a tall order for me -- but hopefully at least every few days.

Today I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my friends Pat, Benedicte and Shirley. We saw a few new exhibits (cubist, costume exhibit display of women's mourning attire, and El Greco among them), but the most seasonally memorable was the yearly Christmas display.  There was a time when you had to sneak a photo of the tree, but they've given up on that prohibition and we are now allowed to click away.

In addition to the silk-robed angels hanging from the tree, there is a baroque 18th century Neapolitan Nativity scene nestled around the base of it.  If you've never seen it in person, you have to visit during your next holiday in New York.

Three of the four amigos. We look like a 1970s album cover.


Sue Young said...

Beautiful post, Teri. LOVE the angels.

Janet Ghio said...

Teri--where are you going???

Brandie said...

I LOVE that you're going to be doing these posts! I have always imagined NYC is the most beautiful around Christmas and love when you post pictures!!

Monica said...

where are you moving too? That wil be a real break. Love the idea of Christmas in NYC but the cold would crack these old bones so i look forwards to you photos.