Sunday, January 5, 2014

After the Ball Drops-Week 1, 2014

Have you been as busy as I have?

The mad dash of the holidays here in New York City always feels like the Polar Express turned loose and went awry, racing faster and more frenzied with each day from Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve in Times Square - the ultimate chaos - finally puts some punctuation  to the story. I love New York most days, but the truth is I'm happy to see the tourists depart and resume Manhattan's customary full pace, without the frenzy of twelve shoppers grabbing and five kiddies crying.

Overlapping some of that, I had my grandsons (the twins) here for the past week and loved every minute.  I devoted myself to nothing but them for six days, and they devoted themselves to me, too. There is something unique and sublime about being a grandparent and enjoying the babies without all the pressure of being a parent. I enjoyed every minute with my own children, too, but I wasn't nearly as relaxed as I am now. Could it be the Lexapro? ;-)

I've joined a couple of art project groups on Facebook for 2014:  A Documented Life and Journal 52. The first one involves little daily notations in a planner and a sketch/photograph each week based on a prompt. This week the prompt was my front door.  Journal 52 is more about writing, but a similar idea. And my usual round-robin art activities always inspire me to bring creativity to the table.

First book of the year is an easy read called The Shoemaker's Wife, about Italian immigrant experience in the early 20th century. It gives me a reason to think about what my grandparents experienced on their way to America. I wish one of them had kept a journal! My goal is to read 2 books/month this year - modest for some, but given that I only read 12 books last year, that would be doubling my output. I'm going to try hard to read while on the treadmill at the gym.

That's about the extent of my goals for this year. Got any goals/resolutions/words?

My book format for Documented Life project

Neapolitan Street Life - sketch from a postcard