Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five On Friday

I’m looking forward to watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, but I’m afraid that once I begin I won’t be able to stop. I’ve heard the second season is just as good as the first.  Every one of the main characters is so well developed – I care about each of them.  But Crazy Eyes? She's the best. 

I’m in after-book limbo again. I keep trying those kindle samples -  you know where you download just a bit of the book? But I just can’t seem to find anything that is both entertaining and intelligent. Got any recommendations? I love historical fiction and biographies.

I have a cat question and I’m posting it here because – well, someone might know the answer. My new, not-so-little ragdoll (six months old) is a sweetheart in every way, but he does something very odd in the early morning hours. In fact, I have to hide under the sheets from him because he is obsessed with ... licking my eyelids. It’s kind of disgusting, I know; definitely annoying. Is there some mommy thing this relates to, like when they do the kneading action?

Speaking of Travel
How do you plan your trips? I like Trip Advisor a LOT -- people (including me) enter all sorts of details and destinations that are so helpful for getting the most fun from your trip.  I also use kayak almost exclusively to find the best airline and even hotel reservations. We once traveled all over Italy without reservations, using the kayak website to book ahead on each leg of the way. Technology is amazing.

And finally…
Curacao…so fun.  Having my husband, kids, grandchildren and friend all together in one place for a week was heaven. We explored caves, visited outdoor green markets, snorkeled, scuba’d and swam all day in a lovely pool off our deck. We took turns cooking delicious meals and going to dinner. We saw green parrots flying freely through the trees and saw a “flamboyance of flamingoes” gathered at the water’s edge.

Ben(center front), Bill, Ally and me. We were wilted by this point - so hot in caves.

Lou and Liam


Rosie with Liam and Noah

One more thing...someone had asked whether I write in my glue book collages. Here is proof. I did these pages for a friend's journal, with a theme of lyrics. The two-page spread and a coordinating tag:

Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Gluebook Images

I've been making glue books since high school. Often mine had either journaling or poems, along with images and other bits and bobs. Some were lost along the way as I moved from place to place. I wish I still had them. Some have made the moves with me and still contain poems that I wrote or that I saved from magazines.

Anyway, now is now, and I'm still gluing things into books, kind of like collage, I guess.  I thought I'd share some here. I haven't done any journaling on them yet. When I do, I'll post a few.

My friend Pat made this tag.

Those vintage cars were in an Esquire advertisement.

Every now and then I use an actual real-life photo.

I have a thing for doorways

Hope you enjoyed my glue books!